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21世紀COE 心の働きの総合的研究教育拠点 :Aチーム企画


International seminar on déjà vu and memory


デジャビュと記憶に関するセミナーと講演会を,デジャビュやストレスと記憶、記憶抑制、のどまで出かかる現象の研究をしている南メソジスト大学Alan Brown先生(The déjà vu experience. Psychology Press,2004の著者)とその共同研究者でFalse memoryやソースモニタリング、物語理解研究をしているデューク大学Elizabeth J. Marsh先生を招いておこないます.





場所:セミナー:京都大学教育学部2F 215

講演会: 京都大学教育学部第1講義室



March 15

2pm-4pm  Session 1 :Déjà vu, jamais vu cognitive mechanism

Sugimori, E. (Kyoto Univ. Graduate student) Factors of output-monitoring error

Matsuda, K. (Kyoto Univ. PostDoc researcher) Déjà vu experiences arise from stimuli typicality

Kusumi, T. (Kyoto Univ.)  Déjà vu and Jamais vu phenomenon:Psychological aspects of metacognition and similarity

Furukawa M, Moriyama T, Watanabe S and Tsukahara Y. (Future Univ.-Hakodate)  An experimental approach to elicit jamais vu


4:30pm-6pm  Keynote Lecture 1  

Elizabeth J. Marsh (Duke University)

The nature and incidence of déjà vu, plus findings from an implicit memory investigation

1 Background information on déjà vu

   Methods of investigating the déjà vu experience,

   General incidence,

   Nature of the experience,

   Physical variables related to déjà vu,

   Psychological variables related to déjà vu,

2 Implicit memory interpretation of déjà vu


March 16

2pm-4pm  Session 2 : Déjà vu, jamais vu & psychological disorders

Kawabe, T. (Kyoto Univ.Researcher)  The subjective contents of the déjà vu experiences

Kato, N. (Kyoto Univ. Graduate student)  Assesing individuals who have never experienced déjà vu

Fukao, K. (Kyoto Univ. Hospital)  Déjà vu and Jamais Vu as Epileptic Symptoms


4:30pm-6pm  Keynote Lecture  

Alan Brown. (Southern Methodist University)

The relationship of physical and psychological pathology to déjà vu, plus findings from a split-perception investigation

1 Background information on déjà vu

    Jamais vu,

    Physical pathology related to déjà vu,

    Psychological pathology related to déjà vu,

    Neurological interpretations of déjà vu, etc.

2 Split, or double, perception interpretation of déjà vu


企画・連絡先: 楠見 孝 kusumi(at)



Brown, A.S. 2003 A review of the déjà vu experience Psychological Bulletin, Vol.129 394-413 レジメPDF杉森さん作成

Brown, A.S. 2004 The déjà vu experience. Psychology Press

楠見 孝 2006 デジャビュ現象はなぜ起こるのですか 心理学ワールド日本心理学会,32,35.  [PDF]

Kusumi, T.  2006 Human metacognition and the déjà vu phenomenon. In K.Fujita & S. Itakura (Eds.) Diversity of Cognition: Evolution, Development, Domestication, and Pathology (pp.302-314). Kyoto University Press  [PDF]



GLENN,D. The Tease of Memory:Psychologists are dusting off 19th-century explanations of déjà vu. Have we been here before? 

X51.ORG. 私はかつて、この光景を見た - デジャヴとは何か

Giving déjà vu a second look

X51.ORG. すべてが過去になる クロニック・デジャヴとは

Vernon Neppe


March 11, 2006