Self-Estimated Intelligence, Psychometric Intelligence and Personality
A. Furnham
This study looks at the relationship between personality traits (Big Five personality traits), fluid (Gf) and subjectively-assessed (SAI) intelligence. British university students together (N= 100) completed the NEO-PI-R (Costa & McCrae, 1992), five intelligence tests, a measure of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and estimated their intellectual ability on a normal distribution followed by six specific abilities. The Wonderlic Personnel Test score was a significant predictor of three estimates: EQ of two; and Openness to Experience of five of these estimates. The most variance accounted for was 16 per cent when regressing intelligence the Big Five personality traits and emotional intelligence onto SAI scores. The five intelligence tests correlated significantly with each other. Males give higher overall IQ self estimates (114.4 vs 106.4) and higher overall vocabulary scores (116.0 vs 106.5). Regressing the six specific abilities onto the overall estimate showed three to be significant (Vocabulary, Ability to learn new things, Cultural Knowledge).

Key words: Openness, Big Five traits, subjectively-assessed and psychometric intelligence