Cultural Adaptation (Im)Possible? Measuring Prejudice in Japan With the Affect Misattribution Procedure
M. Seel & S. Teige-Mocigemba
The present study served two purposes. First of all, the reliability and validity of a variant of the Affect Misattribution Procedure (AMP) adapted to Asian samples was tested. Secondly, we aimed at assessing prejudice towards Koreans by means of the AMP and the Implicit Association Test (TAT) as well as different self-report measures. The AMP variant was reliable and showed meaningful correlation with some self-report measures, but not with the IAT. Furthermore, both in the AMP and the IAT, participants demonstrated prejudice against Koreans, whereas the self-report measures showed a less consistent pattern of prejudice. Our discussion focuses on chances and challenges of using indirect and direct measures in Asian samples.

Key words: implicit prejudice, explicit prejudice, Affect Misattribution Procedure, Japan, Korean