John Jost教授講演会・セミナー


John Jostニューヨーク大学心理学部教授は,社会心理学,とくに,ステレオタイプ,偏見,社会的公正等に関して,90編を越える論文を発表しているこの領域の第一人者です。とくに,現状の社会における序列や秩序を肯定しようとする人々の認知や態度を説明するsystem justification theory(社会システム正当化理論)(Jost and Banaji 1994)の提唱者として知られています。

今回こころの未来研究センターの内田由紀子先生の招聘により京大にお越しいただき,GCOE Bチームとの共催で講演会をすることになりました。



John Jost教授講演会(第28回グローバルCOE共催講演会:ユニットB


日 時:平成221220日午後4-6時(月曜日)

場 所:京都大学稲盛財団記念館3F大会議室


講演者:John Jostニューヨーク大学心理学部教授

演 題:Left & Right: The Psychological Basis of a Political Distinction(左翼と右翼:政治的区分の心理学的基盤)

要旨:Professor Jost will summarize recent theoretical and empirical advances concerning the scientific understanding of the relationship between certain psychological variables and left-right political orientation.  More specifically, he will summarize converging lines of research that link basic social, personality, cognitive, motivational, and even neurophysiological processes to ideological differences between the left and the right.  He will also discuss situational factors that are capable of inducing “liberal” and “conservative” shifts in political attitudes.  These findings and many others suggest that, contrary to received wisdom in the social and behavioral sciences over the past several decades, political ideology is indeed a meaningful force in people’s lives and that it may be rooted in fundamental psychological antinomies, including general preferences for stability vs. change, order vs. complexity, certainty vs. ambiguity, familiarity vs. novelty, conformity vs. creativity, and loyalty vs. rebellion.  Implications for psychology and society will be discussed.  



John Jost先生を囲む若手セミナー(第5回GCOE共催ワークショップ:ユニットB

The 2nd international seminar on social cognition for young researchers

Kyoto University, Graduate School of Education


Dec.212010 10-12 AM


Organizer: Kusumi, T. & Uchida, Y..




1.Okada, Y.: Perceived power and judgment of causal relevance




2.Ogihara, Y.: Cultural differences in the way of control in the friendship




3.Yano, Y.: How do NEET Hikikomori people detect emotion from facial expressions?




4.Karouji, Y. : Perception of gender equality contributes to maintaining gender inequality




5.Kurita, T.: Effect of positive stereotypes toward people with disabilities in societal and personal views






Prof. John Jost