0022  Ikeda Hanako

How do you do?  My name is Hanako Ikeda. I am a student in the department of education in Kyoto university. Because I am a sophomore, my professional field ins't clearly decided yet, recently I got to have an interst in the field clinical pedagogy. However, the reason why I entered the department of education in Kyoto University was that I wanted to learn psychology here. I very had an interest in the problem of "futoko (refusal to go to school)", which attracting public attention in resent years in Japan, and domestic abuse and so on. Thinking those things synthetically, I noticed that the objects of my interest center on the field about education and family relation. So, I entered this university. But, while taking many courses of the department of education, I started to wander whether or not what I really learn is psychology. Still being in the hesitation, I want a lot of information about above-mentioned problems as possible. That's all, thank you.


0210  Komai Kenjiro

   Hello! I am Kenjiro Komai from Kyoto, Japan. I am a student of Kyoto University. I major in Education. I am member of Kyoto University Wind Orchestra. I play the Horn. I have been playing it for 10 years. I practice it nearly every day. I like Baseball very much, too. Do you know Ichiro Suzuki and Tsuyoshi Sinjo? They are Japanese baseball players in Major league. I am very happy that they play an active part this season.

   By the way, I am interested in the educational policy and the educational administration. In Japan, the Ministry of Education has been making a lot of mistakes in educational policy, especially since 1980fs, I think. That is why the Japanese educational system is facing serious difficulty e.g. bullying, the collapse of classes, a juvenile delinquency etc. etc. I would like to reform education in Japan, so I study in the Faculty of Education, Kyoto University. I'll tell you more about it in my next message. Good-bye!



0078 Ishihara Takashi

   Hello! I am a Japanese college student. My name is Takashi Ishihara. I live in Kyoto. I am sending this mail from my house. I am 20 years old and in the second years in Kyoto university. I belong to the faculty of education. I study pedagogy there and have a great interest in it. Most of all, I am interested in educational method and in the problem of textbooks. I want to be a journalist in the future.

Why do I belong to the faculty of education? When I was a high-school student, I was taught by a variety of teachers. Some teachers can teach things well, but others not. I wondered why there is grammatically difference between these teachers, and I was interested in what "a good class" is like. This is the reason why I want to study educational method. And I think the textbook is very important. So I am interested in today's problems of textbook, especially the textbook of history.



0505  Miura Yukiko

   Hello. I am Yukiko Miura, a Japanese university student. Now Ifm studying basics of education at Kyoto University. I have interest in psychology. Ifm going to major in educational psychology.

I have ever wanted to know mechanism of child-battering and child abuse, and to help with solving the problem. Actually, now I cannot decide what to study expertly.

   These days, I don't know even what Ifm most interested in. Ifm wavering in my decision, but I believe it is not wrong that I selected the School of Education. We learn many things through our lives not only at schools but also in our home , our community, our society and so on. While we study mathematics or history, we learn how to communicate with others and how to control ourselves.

I think education plays the most important part in society. So it is useful to me to study about it.

That's why I belong to the School of Education. Though I cannot say for certain, probably I will study about PTSD.

Thank you.



Arakawa Kentaro

    My name is Kentaro Arakawa. I am the sophomore studying pedagogy in Kyoto University of Japan. I am the Saitama graduate. Hobbies are soccer, billiards, and tennis. Thank you for your consideration.

   Although interest in the department of education let me enter educational administration study , concern has moved to educational sociology recently. Because I was shocked by the gap between the Japanese school which I went to since I had came back to Japan and the school I had gone to in Germany , though it was composed almost all by Japanese teachers and students , I had interested in educational administration study . I was surprised especially at the school rule in the junior high school. In Germany nothing was said even if we were carrying out the pierced earring from the color of socks to the hairstyle. In order to develop a child's judgment capability, I think that it is good by minimum rule.



Ichihara Yukiko

   Hello. I am Yukiko Ichihara from Hyogo, Japan. I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore at Kyoto University. I am in a choir club in university. I sing soprano, the highest part. It is my great pleasure to express feeling with my voice. Also, with many choir members, expressing something and make harmony attract me. Now we practice 10 scores for our annual concert held in December.

   My favorite singer is Mariah Carey. Because she has miracle voice. She can sing 7 octaves! Moreover, her songs make me feel good.

   I belong to the department of education. Because I think education has big power. For myself, I have gone to school for 12 years. Through the action of education, most part of my personality has been made.

   Education affects everyone. Therefore, I am interested in education. I am going to major in clinical pedagogy. Because clinical pedagogy in going to connect theory and practice in clinical space. I look forward to your e-mail.



0327 Nakagawa Mina

  I am Mina Nakagawa from Nara, Japan. Let me introduce myself. I go to Kyoto University. It takes two hours for me to go to school. I am studying pedagogy. I want to be a counselor. Although I don't decide to be a counselor, I want to take such a job. Such a job is certainly. hard, but I think it is a challenging and interesting work.

 Now, I'm going to tell you why I'm studying pedagogy. I'm interested in psychology, particularly clinical psychology. When I was a high school student, I found that I would be able to study psychology at the College of Education at Kyoto University. And so, I applied for entrance to it. Though I have studied psychology only a little, I think it an interesting learning. But I don't want to learn psychology only. I want to learn various fields and have a broad knowledge.




Kimura Yutaka

 Hello. My mane is Yutaka Kimura. Ifm a student of the Kyoto University and study in the Faculty of Education. Ifm from Kobe, and now live in a rooming house in Kyoto. I like visiting such historical buildings as old temples and Kyoto has, as you know, a long history. So Ifm very happy to live in Kyoto.

 Now Ifm interested in the methods of education. In Japan today, the number of such parents who canft discipline strictly their own children, needless to say children of others, is increasing. In addition to the problem of discipline, the overprotection, the lacking of teachersfskills for education and so on are also major educational problems today. I think these problems are some of the major causes of such educational problems in Japan today as delinquency, the collapse of classes or violence in schools. How adults should attend to children, I think, must be reconsidered from now on.

If you need more information about my interests in education or other things, Ifll tell you them. Thank you.



Sato Azusa

 My name is Azusa Sato. I live in Kyoto, Japan. I am a university student. The University I go to is Kyoto University. I am in the college of education, and am studying pedagogy. In my college, students decide what they major in the winter of the second grade. I am in the second grade now, so my major has not been decided yet. I am studying many branches of pedagogy now.

 The reason why I selected this college was I wanted to study psychology. I heard this college is famous for psychology when I was a high school student, so I hoped to study in this college, and decided to take the examination. I was interested in social psychology when I was a high school student. But I became interested in all branches of psychology after I studied psychology a little in the college. The above is the introduction of myself. I am looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.



Taira Motohiro

 Hello. I'm Tomohiro TAIRA, the student of Department of Pedagogy at Kyoto University in Japan. I have some question about your study, so I send e-mail to you. I'd like to introduce myself. I live in Nara City, and go to the university in Kyoto everyday. I'm interested in various study - Pedagogy, History, Biology, Philosophy, Psychology, for example.

 Ifm interested especially in Cognitive Psychology. I'd like to study what the relationship between thinking and language is, how we deal with information when we communicate. When I was 19 years old, I found it joyful to study and to think critically thanks to a prep school teacher. I think, it is important to see the things from several points of view when we study. In this department and university, I can not study only Pedagogy, but also various fields of study. This helps me get various

knowledge willingly. Studying, thinking and knowing what I don't know yet are a lot of fun.

 Thank you for reading my mail. I look forward to your e-mail.



Kato Nanako

 Here are some information about myself. Hi, my name is Nanako Kato. I am a student of Kyoto university. I'm a second year student. I'm majoring in Psychology. I'm studying the fundamental subjects of psychology. So, I haven't decided what subjects to study specialty and haven't had a special knowledge of the subject. Let me tell you about your knowledge. Let me talk about my interest.

 In Psychology, Clinical Psychology is one of my interesting subjects. This subject has lately considerable subject. Now, a lot of juvenile delinquency have occurred. To understand their idea, "Counseling" is seemed to be a effective means. To listen is the most important in Counseling. I guess, "Human lives in relationships of others. In such life, we have to express our own idea. Language is only means of expressing ourselves. So, listening is only method of having relationships." I have had many relationships of friends, teachers, parents, sisters and others. But, I haven't considered language to be a basement of relationships. I have some questions. "Have I expressed my mind correctly?" I want to find the answer and to know my mind in further detail. So, I'm interested in Clinical Psychology.


0603 Yoshida Sachie

Hello. My name is Sachie Yoshida. I live in Kyoto, and I attend to the department of education in Kyoto University since April in 2000. Ifm interested in psychology, and there are some famous teachers in this field in the department. So, many students in this department want to study it. And Ifm the one of them. Especially, I feel a great interest in the clinical psychology and the criminal psychology. I have been interested in my mentality very much for some years. And, same time, I have been interested in otherfs mentality. So, I started to try to study the psychology, and I entered this department. Now, Ifm studying about psychology a little, but it is fundamental study. Surely, itfs a lot of fun, because Ifm studying about what I want to do. But I want to study psychology, particularly the clinical psychology deeply. Shall we study about psychologyH



0167 Ogawa Michiko

 Hello. Here is some information about myself. My name is Michiko Ogawa. I am nineteen years old. I have lived in Kyoto for seventeen months. I was born and lived in Hyogo until I was a high school student. My hobby is reading books, taking a walk, singing songs, and eating sweets. After school, I go the singing club or go the English conversation school. Every Saturday, I work part-time at the cram school. I teach four cram school pupils English.

 I am a student of Kyoto University. I am studying education and psychology. I have two reasons that I study these subjects. The first reason is that I am interested in problems of children. For example, child abuse, refusal to go to school, bullying, and so on. The second one is that I want to study clinical psychology. Because I want to be a school counselor or a teacher, I want to learn many psychotherapies and psychological assessments. When my dream comes true, I want to think these problems with children.




Nakamichi Kazumasa

This is my first mail to you. I am in the faculty of education at Kyoto University. In addition to education, I am also interested in political science and the criminal law. And Ifm always thinking what the crime is. The other day, the tragic incident happened in the United States. Mr. Koizumi, the prime minister in Japan, said that kind of terrorism is not permitted. The other day he said, gI respect the spirit of Sinpu-Tokkoutai.h If you could understand the difference between terrorism and Sinpu-tokkoutai, please tell me about it.

 What and where is the really fact? I am looking for all the time when I study about criminology and juvenile crime. In this summer I visited a reformatory and a prison. To make best correctional education for criminals, I am now studying sociology. But sociology is not perfect. So I want to make new range of educational science.

 See you next class!



Nakanishi Kensuke

 My name is Kensuke Nakanishi. I belong to the education department at Kyoto University.

Last year I mainly learned about north-south problem, including ODA, literacy rates, multinational corporations. I found that all these world-wide problems, such as environmental problems, poverty, and discrimination, are closely related to each other. I came to think a sense of values as an important key to solve these problems. I came to regard education as a means to change peoplefs sense of values. Education is very important (and useful?). Thatfs because Ifm in this department.

 This year I began to have several questions about my thought. In these days I am always thinking gam I correct?h, gis education thought control?(or vocational training?) h. A week ago, for the first time in my life I took a petition against the American reprisal with the military force. So far, I was uninterested in kind of political topics. My sense of values is changing. I want to study what we should do or can do by education.



0434 Horii Fumiko

 My name is Fumiko Horii, twenty years old. I belong to the education department of Kyoto University. My second language is Chinese. Why I chose Chinese is that China have rapidly developed these days , and mind you , there live about one billion people. Education in China, especially for the elite, become improved day after day. So, I believe China will become big country in the future . This means international society regard China as opinion leader.

 In the future, as the neighboring countries, Japan may talk over international problem with China in Chinese. So I study Chinese hard now. By the way, I want to major in comparison of education among many countries. By studying this major, I can find out characteristic of education, both good point and bad point. This help to improve education to the point. In the future, I want to work for development education, dream that children all over the world can read books someday.




Watanabe Mayo

 I am Mayo Watanabe from Kyoto, Japan. I am a student in the department of education at Kyoto University. Today there are many problems in the field of education, for example, bullying, refusal to go to school and family violence. I have many doubt on education, and that is why I am in this department.

 I am interested in the education of children, especially home education. It is because that is the base of education. The number of two]income family has been increasing lately, and so the relationship between parents and children has been changing. I think that it is important for children to spend time with their parents. How will the decrease of the time influence on children? What do parents think about that? I want to exchange opinions with others on the problem.





0345 Nakamichi Mayuko

My name is Mayuko Nakamichi. I'm sending this mail from Kyoto, Japan. I'm in the second year at Kyoto University. I belong to the department of Pedagogy. Before telling about the study I'm interested in, please let me introduce my daily life. I belong to a Iaido club. Iaido is one of the Japanese traditional sports. When we do Iaido, we put on a hakama, long pleated culotte-like Japanese trousers. We put on a Japanese sword at my left side. The sword looks like real, but it's a fake. We don't fight against anyone. Using a sword, we just do some forms.

We compete with each other as to who can act more beautifully, exactly, powerfully. By the way, I'm interested in Psychology. I have an interest in Jheart" Jmind" Jspirit" Jsoul" though I can't understand what they are. I'd like to learn how people's sense of values are shaped. Maybe there is no answer, but I'd like to think of these things.





0621 Rito Mai

 Hello. Let me introduce myself. My name is Mai Rito, 19 years old girl. There are five people in my family; my parents, two brothers, and myself. My parents and young brother live in Kawanoe City, Ehime prefecture, I came from there. There is called 'kaminomati'---city of paper. And now I'm a student in Kyoto. I like playing soft tennis. It is a minor sport, but very very exiting. And I fond of reading books, my favorite author is Eimi Yamada, and Kaori Ekuni.

 I major in education at Kyoto University. When I was a high school student, I wanted to be a counselor. So I selected this department. But now, I'm interested in Charter School. It is prosperity in America, and in Japan that campaign is beginning. I want to join it in future. So I'm studying about it now.




0739  Akiyoshi Naho

 My name is Naho, Akiyoshi. I am a sophomore of the department of education in Kyoto University. I live in Kyoto alone leaving my family in Fukuoka. I belong to the cello part in the University Orchestra. I started cello when I was a freshman. To express feelings with club members through music is fun. I spend much time for club activity. At almost University in Japan we study liberal education for one year or two before we start studying major fields. I also learned basic Waka (old Japanese poem), sociology, low, mathematics and so on, which inspired me. Particularly I was interested in the juvenile protection. So my major is now Education though my major was Literature when I entered University.

 I will study two themes, gconnecth and gcome to life againh, from different angles. gConnecth is to connect person with person, one culture with another culture, religion, thinking and field. gCome to life againh is to get over after people faced difficult problems in their life, for example the Rehabilitation after minors committed crimes.




0407 Noguchi Motoko

  Hello, I am sending this mail from Japan. My name is Motoko Noguchi.I am twenty years old. I am a second-year student of Kyoto university. In the university, I belong to Kyudo club.gKyudoh is a martial art using a Japanese bow and arrow. It is very difficult to make progress in Kyudo, so I practice it nearly every day. I have a lot of trouble with Kyudo, but I enjoy it and I like Kyudo very


 By the way, I am in the department of education at the university. Especially I am interested in psychology. For example, educational psychology, criminal psychology ,social psychology and so on. Now Japan is the huge media society. Moreover, Japanese people like tuning themselves with each other. Therefore people are easily influenced by the media. And also we can see it in schools. I think it causes some problems in education. So I want to study how the group psychology and media influence the life of people, especially children. Can you give me a hand?




0096 Uesugi Makiko

 Sorry for surprising you at this sudden e-mail. Hello. My name is Makiko Uesugi. I am 21years old.

I grew up in Yawata city, Kyoto, Japan. And I am living there now. I go to Kyoto University. I like Kyoto very much. Kyoto has many good place to visit. Among them, I like the Kamo River best. I see the river flowing on my way to school every day. Standing the riverside, I feel the change of seasons. It is very nice.

 By the way, I am studying at department of pedagogy and I am in sophomore year now. I met many interesting friends and teachers in my elementally school, junior high school, high school and university. So I am interested in how a person grows in schools and what part a system of school plays in Japanese society. I would like to hear from you. Thank you for reading. Good bye.



0532 Motoyasu Misato

 Hello. My name is Misato Motoyasu. I am 19 years old. (But a few weeks after I enter 20f‚“, and it make me a little sad.) I am belonging Kyoto university. I major in education. I like baking cake and cookies. Sweet smell makes me happy. Now Ifll tell you why I major in this academy.

 I hadnft have any question about school life before I become a high school student. I had obeyed school regulations and what teachers said. And thatfs ordinary for me. However, I became a high school student and saw many type of people, then suddenly one thought occurred to me. gwhy I sit here and silently listen to what teachers are saying? Since then I came up to have question about and interest in education. I wanted to learn more about education, so I chose the department of education. Now I have an interest in what is taken presence in education, for example, gbeing sameh in Japan, and how it influence an educational system and the students themselves.




0194 Kameyama Maho

 Hello! I am Maho Kameyama from Kyoto, Japan. I major in the Faculty of Education at Kyoto University. I study outline of Education now. I'm interested in Comparative and International Education. In Japan today, a lot of problems about juveniles; bullying, suicide caused by bullying, refusal to go to school, juvenile delinquent, juvenile delinquency and so on are reported. We call them educational pathology. These problems are not only in Japan, I think. I would like to study the real state of Education and how to take measures against juvenile problems in the other countries. And I have an interest in Education for expatriate Japanese children too. I would like to know precious experience living in the foreign countries and difficulties growing up in the other cultures and adjusting themselves to Japanese school. From other point of view, I would like to think over Japanese Education again. If you could tell me about anything that I'm interested in, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!




Ueda Chika

 Greetings. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Chika Ueda. I was born and lived in Osaka, but I moved to Kyoto last year when I was 18. Kyoto is famous for temples and shrine. Until I moved to Kyoto, I didn't like such structure and such city. But this city is a true home away from home for me. I am a student of Kyoto University, and I belong to the School of Education. My birthday comes after one week. Probably, I will be able to be celebrated by my family, friends and lover.

 By the way, I'd like to tell you why I study in the School of Education. I began to have an interest in psychology since I was a junior high school student, and I wanted to study the field in connection with education. Especially I'm interested in clinical psychology which has recently attracted the attention of people. Thank you for reading my mail.




0265 Shibuta Emiko

Ifm sending this mail from Kyoto, Japan. My name is Emiko Shibuta. Ifm a student at Kyoto University, the faculty of pedagogy. Ifm in the second year. Now Ifm studying various field of pedagogy.

 Ifm interested in the communication among people at home, at school, and so on, in the method that teachers making classes, in the system of education.

 Now, in Japan, there are many problems of education. For example, some students canft go to school because they have mental trouble, classes canft work well because some students canft sit quietly in class, many people criticize that many teachers simply transmit information and so on. I think that it is important to make confidence in any cases. Especially, how a family works well is the key. Also, I hope that school becomes comfortable for students.



0292 Tanida Nozomu

 I am Nozomu Tanida. I go to Kyoto University. I am interested in the movies, and SUMO. My favorite actor is Jackie Chen. He is a NICE GUY. We can not do imitation of his action. Well, I major in pedagogy. As for education, I am interested in an examination to go to a university. For example, Keio University and Waseda University give the examinees very very difficult tests in history. Detailed and minute answers are in great demand. And marking misses in many national universities come into a social problem. And yet maybe this is only the tip of the iceberg. In elementary school, contents is being cut. For example, the circular constant is 3. On the contrary, in high school, contents is being increased. In the future, many students will experience the examination hell. A course of study in Japan changes, but, that is repetition of the same things, being easy, that is to say Yutori, or being difficult. The educational system in Japan is odd. Thank you.



0158 Okada Ayaka

  Hi, I am Ayaka Okada from Kyoto, Japan. Let me introduce myself. I am a second-year student in the Department of Pedagogy at Kyoto University. I am studying about education and psychology there. I belong to Kyoto University Mandolin Orchestra and play the mandolin there. Mandolinfs timbre is really sweet and an ensemblefs timbre is more excellent! Mandolin is very difficult to play well but I love mandolin. I would like to be able to play it in a beautiful tone.

  By the way, I chose the department of Pedagogy because I am very interested in education, especially in a course of study, educational policy, and educational administration. I am also interested in the comparison of Japanese education and foreign ones. I have some doubts about Japanese educational system of the day. For example, I think the competition for an examination is getting serious because Japanese examination system has some problems. I would like to change Japanese educational system, if possible. So I would like to study widely about education and others and have my own opinions.



0050 Ishii Kazumi

 I am Kazumi Ishii. I am a student of Kyoto University. And I am second grade. I study education science in university. Why I selected the department of education is my love to school. I came across many wonderful teachers. And I love them. Of course I love my classmates too. But these days a lot of students say, gI do not like school.h hI do not want to go to school.h I become so sad when I hear it.

And I made up my mind to change them mind. I want them to like school. I want all schools in Japan to be full of studentsf smiles. It is my dream. But now I do not know the best way to come true my dream. I have to find the way soon.

  Recently I am interested in class, which is organized according to ability, in public school. I think this idea is good to develop childrenfs ability. But in this system, it is danger of hurting childrenfs mind. I want to think about a wise policy of class management.



0130 Uemura Koutarou

 Hello. My name is Koutarou Umemura. Ifm an undergraduate of Kyoto University in Japan. I belong to pedagogy department. I want to study psychology, but I havenft belonged to psychology course yet, so it is not sure whether I could learn psychology at this University. Ifm learning English and the primary knowledge of psychology by myself, to pass the test that decides whether I can go to psychology course or not.

 Ifm interested in clinical psychology. After all, I feel the sense of wonder against unconscious, which consists of the repressed memory and the contents that have not become conscious yet. Unconscious influences all human activity without making us notice it. These influences are not only bad ones, but also good ones, which make humans aware of their problems and potentials, imply them the measures to solve their problems, help them to go to their self-actualization. In that sense, I hope to study dream analysis, or art therapy, which use unconscious for psychotherapy.

 Thank you for reading my letter. Bye-bye.



0121 Ueno Sayako

 Hello! My name is Sayako Ueno. This is my first mail to you. Hereafter I will introduce myself to you. I am a Kyoto University student; a second-year student. And I am belonging the department of education. I had hoped to study psychology at Kyoto University since I was a high school student, So when I passed the entrance examination, I felt very happy. Now, I am taking not only psychology but also various kind of lectures. For example, pedagogy, sociology, and so on. And I feel those lecture interesting.

  But still,‚h have most interest in psychology. Especially clinical psychology attracts me. Every week I am looking forward to the lecture of psychology-practice while I hesitate to attend other lectures when I am sleepy. When I will be a third-year student, I hope to make a special study of psychology. So now I have to study English for an approaching examination.




0541 Motoyama Yuuko

 Nice to meet you. My name is Yuko Motoyama. Ifm a student at Kyoto University in Japan. Ifm in the college of pedagogy at my university. Now I fm in the second grade, but I havenft study pedagogy enough. At my college, we have to learn some liberal arts and sciences, so I learned them at the first grade. The second-formers at our college have to decide the major in detail. We have three courses in the college. I choose my college because I can study psychology. In the major of pedagogic psychology, which is the one of the major of our college, we can study clinical psychology that I want to learn. So at first I was going to choice the major of pedagogic psychology, but now Ifm interested in the policy of education, too. We can learn it at the major of correlative system of pedagogy that is the other one of the major of our college. So Ifm wondering my major, now.




0499 Manno Yuki

  My name is Yuki Mannno. Ifm from Kagawa. I study in the education school at Kyoto university now. Now, Ifm interested in clinical education. I think like this; we, humans, cannot be quite free from trouble and desire. Suffering from them, we are affected by the other people and environment and think by ourselves to release ourselves.

   Ifm very interested in the process in that  humans, especially myself pursue their goals. Recently, I knew  the words gportfolioh. In some elementary schools, children write what they have thought and how they have done (or not done) things and felt , every after they have school activities. If they have difficulties, they can look back what  they have done before and have prospects; what they should do. Itfs also interesting for me. I want to study theory and practice in education, not only in schools, but also in every places of our life.




0391 Nishimura Kouhei

   How do you do. I am the college student who lives in Japan. My name is theNishimura Kouhei. My age is 20 years old. I belong to the department of education of Kyoto University. In the department of education, comparison pedagogy is mainly selected. Please let me know the situation of the education your country. Especially, it is interested in the education of a junior high school. It is not that I belong to the department of education especially reasonable. However, while studying pedagogy, there is feeling anger plentifully. I want to consider pedagogy for my sensitivity to reliance. The Japanese educational system of my thinking recently is not necessarily saying that the student is not made happy. There are many teachers who do unfairness and discrimination in Japan. Therefore, there is also often a case where a student's future becomes spoilt, unfairly. Is there such any case also in your country? Supposing you are, please let me know how it is coped with to it.





0527 Makita Ayako

   Hello! Let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Ayako Makita. I live in Toyonaka-City, Osaka prefecture Japan. My age, as of October 2001, is 21 years old. My family is made up of father, mother and brother. My brother is three years younger than I. We sometimes enjoy driving. My hobby is going to see movies. I go to the theater twice a month. Recently I saw gBridget Jonesfs Diary.hIt was very fun. Ifm a student at Kyoto University. I come to school by bicycle, train and bus. It takes about two hours! I wish I could live close to the campus.

   I make a study of education. My dream is that everyone enjoy studying all over the world. But, In Japan, many people donft like study. They think itfs like a torture. Japanese school has many serious problem. Why ? I want to find the way of enjoy studying. So, I think what is real education. Who is good teacher? What kind of schools are best? Itfs very difficult subject.




0551 Morii Kouji

@@I am the college student of the department of education of 21 years old who lives alone in Kyoto. Since I am from the Nara prefecture and the surroundings of my parents' home have many historical buildings, so my interest over history is very deep. At my university, since I am a member of  windsurfing racing team , I need much money. Therefore, I have various part-time job, such as working at construction site and a private teacher. The reason why I entered the department of education is the concern about education to eliminate discrimination became stronger through old various life experiences. Although I am going to progress to the correlation system of the department of education now, but the interest over history of education is also strong.  Because by studying history of education , we may be able to solve the probrem of modern education .And we may be able to prevent a lot of crime from happening.




0588 Yamada Kouji

  Hello. My name is Koji Yamada. I am a Japanese student in Kyoto University.  I belong to the faculty of Pedagogy. I'm now twenty-one years old and in the second year there. My family is in Hiroshima, but I live alone in Kyoto depending on my parent's remittance. As a club activity I'm a chairman of  Kyoto University SF association. SF is the shortening type of Science Fiction. I enjoy myself with its members. Additionally, I'm recently absorbed in the Internet. So I study hardly, and am tyring to improve it.

  Frankly speaking, I haven't decided what to do in the future and have just worried about it hard. It is why I have entered the faculty of Pedagogy that I'd like to think about the future society to be, though it is very vague. My concerning area is, if I dare to say, about educational system. Needless to say, the education of children is important. I believe an good education solves almost all probrems.