Psycchologia, Vol. 1, No.1 (1957)

p. 1.

Symposium on the structure of the induction field in visual form perception
p. 2.
1. The concept of psycho-physiological induction. A review of experimental works
T. Obonai
pp. 3-9.
2. Electrophysiological studies of the field of retinal induction
K. Motokawa & M. Akita
pp. 10-16.
3. Theoretical formula of vector-field and its experimental proof
Z. Yokose
pp. 17-21.
Japanese studies on the transposition problem
K. Sato
pp. 22-29.

A developmental study of goal and entrance gradients in a unilinear maze in human subjects
T. Takemoto, T. Yatabe, S. Iwahara & M. Ogawa.
pp. 30-36.

The effect of cue on reversal learning after varying periods of rest
K. Murofushi
pp. 37-46.

Social behavior in Japanese monkeys, Macaca fuscata
K. Imanishi
pp. 47-54.
Psychology in India
U. Pareek
pp. 55-59.
On Mowrer's learning theories, basic and applied
Y. Maki
pp. 60-62.
In memory of Dr. Tohru Watanabe
H. Kodama
pp. 63-64.
Book Review : Arieti, S. Interpretation of schizophrenia
M. Murakami
p. 65.
Necrology : Genji Kuroda and Genyu Usa (1886-1957)
p. 66.
News of the World
pp. 66-67.
Japanese translation of foreign books on psychology
T. Kambe
p. 68.
Books and Reprints Received
pp. 69-70.


Psychologia, Vol. 1 No. 2 (1957)

A proposal for an international study of suicide
K. Sato & T. Sonohara
pp. 71-73.

A universal index for psychological factors
R.B. Cattell
pp. 74-85.

Personality investigations in India
S.T. Ramadevi & S.K.R. Rao
pp. 86-91.

Personality tests in Japan
H. Kodama
pp. 92-103.

Development of the "Uchida-Kraepelin Psychodiagnostic Test " in Japan
S. Kuraishi, M. Kato & B. Tsujioka
pp. 104-109.
A factorial study of the temperament of Japanese college male students by the Yatabe-Guilford Personality Inventory
B. Tsujioka, T. Sonohara & T. Yatabe
pp. 110-119.
" Study of Values " applied to Japanese students
M. Nobechi and T. Kimura
pp. 120-122.
Taylor's Anxiety Scale in Japan
M. Ohmura & H. Sawa
pp. 123-126.
Psychology in Ceylon
J.E. Jayasuriya
pp. 127-128.
Comparison of sexual development of American and Japanese adolescents
S. Asayama
pp. 129-131.
Book Review: J. Stoetzel-Without the chrysanthemum and the sword
S. Inomata, G. Haslerud & S. Ohe
pp. 132-135.
News of the World
p. 135.
Abstracts: Japanese Psychological Research
pp. 136-139.
Books and Articles Received
pp. 140.


Psychologia, Vol. 1, No. 3 (1958)

The Tonal Spiral. A new model of tonal system
T. Yatabe
pp. 141-142.

Studies on constancy problem in Japan
Y. Akishige
pp. 143-157.

Our seventeen years of research on conditioned responses in man
Y. Kotake & Y. Miyata

Mueller-Lyer illusion and retinal induction
D. Nakagawa
pp. 167-174.

Studies on the induction in visual process taking electrical phosphene as an index
(2). Experiments on the propagation of the induction across the blind spot (I)
T. Indow, U. Kuno & T. Yoshida
pp. 175-181.
Motokawa's induction-field theory and form perception
J. Ogasawara
pp. 182-183.

Japanese experimental psychology viewed from America
H.W. Hake

Psychology in Pakistan
S.M.H. Zaidi
pp. 187-190.
Development of psychological studies in India from 1916-1950
S.C. Mitra & P.K. Mukhopadhyay
pp. 191-202.
Book Review
pp. 203-205.
Letter to the Editor
p. 206.
News of the World
p. 206.
Necrology: Yahei Motomiya (1886-1957)
p. 207.
Abstracts: Shinrigaku Hyoron
pp. 208-210.