Psycchologia, Vol. 2, No.1 (1959)

Japanese studies in verbal learning and memory
T. Umemoto
pp. 1-19.

Recent development of experimental hypnosis in Japan
G. Naruse
pp. 20-26.

The interaction of the two signal systems in varying stimulus and response connections
N. Takata
pp. 27-36.

Intermittent reinforcement and resistance to extinction of the conditioned GSR
S. Sukemune
pp. 37-40.

Functions of stimulus and response in paired-associates verbal learning
Y. Morikawa
pp. 41-56.

Cognitive behavior under stress : a survey of literature
S.M.H. Zaidi
pp. 57-64.
A new therapeutic method for congenital color deficiency (Training in color vision).
K. Kawai
pp. 65-66.
Size constancy judgment and thinking moment
S. Oba
pp. 67.


Psychologia, Vol. 2 No. 2 (1959)

pp. 69-70.

Eastern influences on psychoanalytic thinking
H. Kelman
pp. 71-78.

Psychoanalysis and Zen Buddhism
E. Fromm
pp. 79-99.

Introductory remarks : Seeking the bottomless ground of ambiguity
pp. 100.

The art of ambiguity: A conversation with Zen Master Hisamatsu
J.S. Bruner
pp. 101-104.
Comments on Dr. Bruner's paper
S. Hisamatsu
pp. 105-106.
How to get Zen enlightenment - On Master Ishiguro's five-days' intensive course for its attainment -
K. Sato
pp. 107-113.
William James and Zen
V. M. Ames
pp. 114-119.
Psychology in Thailand
L. Saradatta & K. Miyake
pp. 120-123.
Sex-role preference in Okinawan pre--school children
A. Kobashigawa
pp. 124-127.
Development of a new introversion-extraversion inventory --- 2nd report ---
T. K. Sen & R. Kundu
pp. 128-132.


Psychologia, Vol. 2, No. 3 (1959)

Development of educational psychology in Japan
A. Yoda & T. Hidano
pp. 137-149.

Trends in gerontology in Japan
K. Tachibana
pp. 150-156.

Cross-cultural use of "the Study of Values"
W.G. Rodd

A comparative study of the sounds of American English and Japanese
S. Nakazima
pp. 165-172.

Application of the Colored Progressive Matrices Test for the Japanese kindergarten children
J. Kuroda
pp. 173-177.
Relation between temporal interval and reaction time
R.G. Chatterjea
pp. 178-182.

Need as a function of frustration
K. Hoashi


Psychologia, Vol. 2, No. 4 (1959)

pp. 191-192.

Psychology in China
1. China's recent research work on psychology (Mainland)
P. Shuh
pp. 193-201.
2. Psychological activities in Taiwan
H.Y. Su
pp. 202-205.

Development of industrial psychology in Japan
S.H. Kirihara
pp. 206-215.

Development of social psychology in Japan
K. Hirota
pp. 216-228.

Experimental studies on "group dynamics" in Japan
J. Misumi
pp. 229-235.
Tao, Zen and existential psychotherapy
T. Hora
pp. 236-242.

The concept of `on' in Ruth Benedict and D.T. Suzuki
K. Sato
pp. 243-245.
Progressive Matrices and school success: A factor analytical study
S.C. Dash & R. Kanungo
pp. 246-250.