Psychologia, Vol. 22, No.1 (1979)

Current Major Trends in Psychology in Japan
A. Hoshino
pp. 1-20.

Psychology Today in Korea
K.S.Kim & T.K. Cho
pp. 21-30.

The Current Status of Psychological Studies in Indonesia
S.C.U. Munandar
pp. 31-48.

A Developmental Study of the Effects of Temporal and Spatial Cues on Reaction Times
F. Kondo

pp. 49-56.

A Study of Achievement Motivation as a Function of Social Class, Family System and Family Occupation
H. Ojha & P.K. Jha

pp. 57-63.


Psychologia, Vol. 22, No. 2 (1979)

Psychology in Thailand
P. Marakul
pp. 65-78.

Crowding: More Fearsome than Crime-Provoking? Comparison of an Asian City and a North American City
R. Gifford & J. Peacock

pp. 79-83.

Autostereotypes of Pakistani Adults
S.M. Hafeez Zaidi
pp. 84-87.

Short-Term Memory for Pictures and Their Verbal Labels (Words): A Test of Dual-Coding Hypothesis
A.K. Srivastava & A.K. Purohit

pp. 88-94.

Effects of the Presence of Similar and Dissimilar Individuals on the Speed of Verbal Learning
N. Khalique

pp. 95-98.

Dimensions of Alienation: A Factor-Analytic Study
A. Kureshi & M. Dutt

pp. 99-105.

Role of Approval Motive, Nature of Reinforcement and Mode of Reinforcement in Verbal Conditioning
N.K.M. Tripathi

pp. 106-114.

The image of Social and Physical Scientist as Perceived by Social Scientists in India
A.K. Saxena

pp. 115-118.


Psychologia, Vol. 22, No. 3 (1979)

Do Japanese Predominantly Process Animal Sounds in Their Left Hemisphere?
T. Hatta & S.J. Dimond

pp. 119-124.

Relationship Between Accuracy of Search and Extended Exposure-Time
R.T. Solman

pp. 125-134.

Specificity, Integration and Differentiation of Human Cardiovascular Responses by Voluntary Control
H. Yasumaru


Memory Processes in Recall and Recognition
H. Tajika

pp. 146-154.

Experiential Deprivation and Development of Serial memory
G. Misra & A. Shukla

pp. 155-163.

Development of Moral Judgment in Indian Children
D.K.M. Tripathi & G. Misra

pp. 164-170.

Performance in Relation to Ego-Strength and Alienation of Blue-Collar Industrial Workers
A.P. Singh & S. Shrivastava



Psychologia, Vol. 22, No. 4 (1979)

Which Paradigm is Both Relevant to Concerns of Psychologists and Also Scientifically Feasible?
G.M. Haslerud

pp. 177-188.

Value Profiles and Value Contradictions in Canadian, East Indian and West Indian Students
P. Shanker, L. Clark & H. Asthana

pp. 189-194.

Information Processing of Kanji (Chinese Characters) and Kana (Japanese Characters): The Close Relationship among Graphemic, Phonemic, and Semantic Aspects
H. Saito, M. Inoue & Y. Nomura

pp. 195-206.

Cognitive Style in Children: The Relation Between Reflective-Impulsivity and Rorschach Scores
T. Ikegami
pp. 207-221.

Segmental Phonemes and Tonal Phonemes in Comprehension of Cantonese
T.K. Keung & R. Hoosain

pp. 222-224.

Sufi Shaykh as Psychotherapist
J.E. Royster

pp. 225-235.

Eysenck Personality Inventory Scales and Social Desirability: A Correlational and Factorial Study
M.N. Palsane & P.H. Lodhi

pp. 236-240.