Psychologia, Vol. 29, No.1 (1986)

The Cultural Context of Japanese Sexuality--An American Perspective
P.R. Abramson

pp. 1-9.

The Neglect of Asian Psychology in the United States
S.I. Shapiro

pp. 10-17.

Infant Crying as a Potential Stressor Concerning Mothers' Concentration Ability
G. Morsbach, M. McCulloch & A. Clark

pp. 18-20.

Children's Conservation and Learning Based on Identity Relation
T. Sugimura

pp. 21-28.

Processing Efficiency and Processing Aids as Determinants of Text Recognition
M. Mitsuda

pp. 29-41.

Differential Hemispheric Engagement in Covert Preattentive Processes--Filtering and Pigeonholing Mechanisms
T. Hatta

pp. 42-49.

The Culture-Contact and the Personality Structure of the Gurungs--A Rorschach Study
M.P. Regmi

pp. 50-55.


Psychologia, Vol. 29, No. 2 (1986)

Psychology in the Peoples's Republic of China--A Historical Overview and Quantitative Analysis
M. Petzold

pp. 57-65.

Visual Half-Field Recognition of Characters and English Words for Chinese and Japanese Subjects
Zhang Wu-tian & Yang De-zhuang

pp. 66-71.

A Factorial Analysis of Achievement-Related Motives Measured by Reviesed ARMS
H. Yamauchi

pp. 72-79.

Self-Control System of Small Group--Perception of the Probability of Group Goal Attainment and Evaluation of Achievement Level
M. Ohta

pp. 80-90.

Common Adolescent Problems in Hong Kong--Their Relationship with Self-Esteem, Locus of Control, Intelligence and Family Environment
P.W.L. Leung, F. Salili & F.M. Baber

pp. 91-101.

Development of the Understanding of Definite and Indefinite Reference
F. Salili & R. Hoosain

pp. 102-107.

Measuring Response Latency--A Crucial Innovation of Paper-and-Pencil Testing
A.R. Gilbert

pp. 108-111.
A Note on Two Problems Associated with Obtaining Samples of Eidetikers
L.J. Harris & A. Richardson

pp. 112-114.
Environmental Deprivation and the Development of Spatial Representation in Children
G. Misra & A. Shukla

pp. 115-122.


Psychologia, Vol. 29, No. 3 (1986)

Testing the Validity of Different Models of Interpersonal Balance in the Japanese Culture
A. Rodrigues & S. Iwawaki

pp. 123-131.

Sex Differences in Job Satisfaction
A. Furnham & L. Goddard

pp. 132-146.

The Moral Judgements under Different Contextual Considerations--Comparison between Taiwan and Japan
Wen-Ying Lin & T. Naito


The Role of Bilingualism in Color Naming
E.G. Johnson

pp. 156-164.

A Follow-up Study of Nine Typographic Eidetikers
A. Richardson

pp. 165-175.
Relative Importance of Social Deprivation, Intelligence, Punctuality, and Ethnicity in Predicting Educational Achievement
S. Singh & A.K. Sinha

pp. 176-181.

Learning Logic in a Second Language
T. Sugioka


Quality of Consciousness--The Human Experience
T.A. Wyatt



Psychologia, Vol. 29, No. 4 (1986)

Adult Altruism--Problems of Terminology in Prosocial Behaviour Research
W.T. Poplawski

pp. 197-214.

Infuluence of Stimulus Duration and Interstimulus Interval on Recall Memory for Pictures
S. Kobayashi

pp. 215-220.

Error Factor Analysis of Sensory-Motor Conceptual Learning in Normal and Mentally Retarded Children--Tree-Alternative Maze
M. Matsuda & F. Matsuda

pp. 221-228.

Similar Jobs--Dissimilar Evaluations
A. Shukla & S.B. Upadhyaya

pp. 229-234.

The Effects of Cue Reliability on Concept Switching Ability in Children of Low Mental Ability
R.W.M Lau & F. Salili

pp. 235-239.
Influences of Study and Test Trials on Recall and Recognition Memory
H. Tajika

pp. 240-246.

Effects of Kind of Noise Letters and Their Relation to Response on Selective Letter Identification
I. Watanabe

pp. 247-253.

A Situational Test of Intolerance Ambiguity
L.I. Bhushan & S.B. Amal

pp. 254-261.