Psycchologia, Vol. 3, No.1 (1960)

Prof. Edward C. Tolman
K. Sato
pp. 1.

Studies in Japan related to Prof. Tolman's viewpoint
T. Hirano
pp. 2-6.

Japanese studies on the so-called geometrical optical illusions
T. Oyama
pp. 7-20.

Discrimination reversal as a function of degree of original learning
S. Iwahara & T. Sugimura
pp. 21-26.

Speech development of infants - analysis of speech sound by sonagraph -
J. Murai
pp. 27-36.

A new tentative theory of visual space perception
T. Nishi
pp. 37-40.
Experimental study on the declining process of the form field - the field after figure disappearance -
M. Uchiyama
pp. 41-49.
The contribution of Georg Wilhelm Groddeck on Zen Buddhism and psychiatry
P. Weisz
pp. 48-57.
Personality of Danton and Robespierre
Y. Maki
pp. 58-59.
An attempt to condition finger reaction to visual stimuli
J. Kuroda
pp. 60-61.


Psychologia, Vol. 3 No. 2 (1960)

pp. 63-64.

On the proper consciousness (固有意識 Koyu-ishiki)
T. Chiba
pp. 65-72.

Stereopsychology and Studies on K'AN, founded by Ryo Kuroda
N. Otsuka
pp. 73-79.

Comments on Zen
K. Nishida
pp. 80-81.

On the conversation with Dr. Hisamatsu
C.G. Jung
pp. 82.
On the psychological studies of Zen
H. Tanabe
pp. 83-84.
Affinities between Zen and analytical psychology
J. Kirsch
pp. 85-91.
Discussion on Morita therapy
H. Kawai & K. Kondo
pp. 92-99.
Psychotherapeutic observations on the Zen discipline -one point of view-
E. Decker
pp. 100-112.
Karen Horney's concept of human motivation
N.J. Levy
pp. 113-118.
The study of religion and culture through the total psychoanalysis of the individuals
D.S. Nand
pp. 119-130.
A note on "the International Directory of Psychologists"
T. Kambe & K. Sato
pp. 131-133.


Psychologia, Vol. 3, No. 3 (1960)

Japanese studies on animal behavior in the last decade
R. Motoyoshi & S. Iwahara
pp. 135-148.

The adaptation mechanism viewed from the behavior of animal: A biochemical and physiological analysis (I)
S. Nakanishi
pp. 149-158.

The effect of buzzer-shock upon the predictive behavior in a two-choice situation
M. Nagamachi

Cognitive controls as determinants of learning and remembering
R.W. Gardner & R.I. Long
pp. 165-171.

Some characteristics of pupils with consistent and inconsistent vocational choice
P. Mehta
pp. 172-177.
The effects of abstinence from food and water upon psychological processes A somato-psychological study of prolonged complete starvation
Y. Murao
pp. 178-187.

Communal loneliness
C.E. Moustakas

The effect of hue and brightness on the depth perception in normal and color-blind subjects
T. Oyama
pp. 191-194.


Psychologia, Vol. 3, No. 4 (1960)

Zen in play therapy
M. Miyamoto
pp. 197-207.

Dialogue between Martin Buber & Carl Rogers
pp. 208-221.

study of acceleration phenomena in Japan
A. Sawada, T. Amano & Y. Maeda
pp. 222-233.

Fox possession : the function of social prejudice originating - from primitive belief
A. Nomura
pp. 234-242.

Psychological studies and activities in marketing research
M. Makita & H. Kaneko
pp. 243-245.
Rorschach responses of individuals sensitive to induced stress by extreme perceptual-motor conflict
C.H. Ammons & R.B. Ammons
pp. 246-253.

Impressions of my visit round the world
K. Sato
pp. 254-255.
Impressions of American psychology
T. Umemato
pp. 256-257.