Psychologia, Vol. 39, No.1 (1996)

What is Ecological Psychology?
T.-C. Chan & R.E. Shaw

pp. 1-16.

An Examination of Japanese Children's Performance on the Draw-a-Person: A Quantitative Scoring System
D.H. Saklofske, K. Tamaoka & D. Hildebrand

pp. 17-23.

Anxiety as a Determinant of Leadership Emgergence in Leaderless Groups
M. Hafsi

pp. 24-32.

The Self-Sacrificing Minority and Saving Victims of Environmental Problems as a Social Conflict Situation
H. Nonami

pp. 33-41.

Learned Helplessness among University Students: A Bi-National Test of the Attributional Model
S. Singhal & R.N. Kanungo

pp. 42-49.

Perceived Stress and Physical Symptoms: The Problem of the Response Set of Social Desirability in Hong Kong Undergraduates
J.C.L. Lai

pp. 50-54.

Attitude Assessment in Non-Western Countries: Critical Modifications to Likert Scaling
S.C. Carr, D. Munro & G.D. Bishop

pp. 55-59.


Psychologia, Vol. 39, No. 2 (1996)

Young Children's Remembrance of an Animated Story: The Difference in Reproduction to Different Listeners
N. Takahashi & T. Sugioka

pp. 61-73.

Conceptualizing Social Support: A Micro or Macro Perspective?
A. Chak

pp. 74-83.

The Quality of Family Life and Well-Being of Chinese Parents in Hong Kong
D.T.L. Shek

pp. 84-93.

Naikan Psychotherapy in the West: A Survey of Naikan Participants
R. Makino

pp. 94-101.

Teachers' Expectations Toward Disruptive Students in Hong Kong
S. Winter

pp. 102-108.

Differences in the Auditory Selective Attention and Vigilance Performance of High and Low Child Soroban Achievers
T. Hatta, T. Hirose & A. Kawakami

pp. 109-117.

The Effect of a Set Size of Stimuli in Stroop-Like Interference
S. Ikeda

pp. 118-125.

Effects of Form in Koffka-Ring Type Patterns (1): Comparison Between Hue and Brightness Contrasts
S. Takahashi, M. Ito, T. Hanari & S. Nakamura

pp. 126-133.


Psychologia, Vol. 39, No. 3 (1996)

Children's Instrumental Inferences Using an Implicit Memory Test.
H. Tajika, S.F. Collins & A. Taniguchi

pp. 135-143.

The Self-Conceptions of Malaysian Adolescents: Assessment and Cross-Cultural Comparisons
D. Watkins, A.K.-C. Kan & M. Ismail

pp. 144-149.

Susceptibility to Physical Attractiveness Comparison: On the Role of Attributions in Protecting Self-Esteem
R. Kowner

pp. 150-162.

Intervention for School Bullying: Observing American Schools
H. Okabayashi

pp. 163-178.

Mutual Exclusivity Assumption and Hierarchical Organization of Objects in Two Category Levels
T. Sugimura & S. Ikeuchi

pp. 179-184.

Pre-Training Self-Concept and Computer Skills Learning Outcomes of Hong Kong Chinese with Physical Disability
S. Tam

pp. 185-192.

Test Anxiety and Self-Efficacy: Levels and Relationship among Secondary School Students in Hong Kong
X. Yue

pp. 193-202.

Development of a Depressive Experiences Inventory for Use with Chinese Early Adolescents
S.-K. Cheung

pp. 203-212.


Psychologia, Vol. 39, No. 4 (1996)

Abraham Maslow and Asian Psychology
T.S. Cleary & S.I. Shapiro

pp. 213-222.

Deprivation Feelings, Anxiety, and Commitment in Various forms of Physical Activity: A Cross-Sectional Study on the Internet
A. Szabo, R. Frenkl & A. Caputo

pp. 223-230.

Analyses of Vocational Motives and Perspective of Life Events for College Students
T. Yamashita

pp. 231-238.

Effects of Imagery Representations and Question Aids on Geometry Learning of Elementary School Children
M. Mitsuda

pp. 239-247.

The Relationship Between Motives for Ecience, Perceived Control, Achievement Anxiety, and Self-Regulation in Junior High School Students
H. Yajima, J. Sato & K. Arai

pp. 248-254.

The Effect of Tactile Stimulation on Newborn Infants in a Stress Situation
K. Kawakami, K. Takai-Kawakami, H.Kurihara, Y. Shimizu & T. Yanaihara

pp. 255-260.

Perceived Effectiveness of Reward and Punishment Strategies by Hong Kong Secondary School Students
F. Wan, F. Salili

pp. 261-275