Psycchologia, Vol. 4, No.1 (1961)

Origin of Japanese psychology and its development
M. Kido
pp. 1-10.

LSD and the enlightenment of Zen
W.V. Dusen
pp. 11-16.

Psychological studies on the regulation of respiration (I)
-On the relationship between respiration and minor tremor-
S. Nakamura, K. Iwasaki & Y. Akishige
pp. 17-23.

The adaptation mechanism viewed from the behavior of animal: A biochemical and physiological analysis (II)
S. Nakanishi
pp. 24-27.

The facilitative effect of overlearning in discrimination learning by white rats
J. Komaki
pp. 28-35.

The Rorschach test in some mental disorders -Schizophrenic group-
P. Kumar
pp. 36-40.
Current status of projective test -theories and projective techniques
C.F. Derner
pp. 41-47.
On methods of social research in Pakistan
S.M.H. Zaidi
pp. 48-55.
Data about the suffering and opinion of the A-bomb sufferers
Y. Kubo
pp. 56-59.
The relationship between a view of womanhood and socio-cultural characters
M. Yanagawa
pp. 60.
A study of anger in Japanese college students through the controlled diary method -I-
T. Ueda
pp. 61.


Psychologia, Vol. 4 No. 2 (1961)

Three visions of perfection and human freedom
P.A. Bertocci
pp. 59-67.

The art of listening
D.A. Barbara
pp. 63-70.

On the conversation of C. G. Jung and S. Hisamatsu
K. Sato
pp. 71-72.

On meeting a Zen-master socially
T. Hora
pp. 73-75.

Psychological studies on races in Manchuria by Chiba group
M. Kuroda
pp. 76-80.
Experimental studies on the establishment of ideal-type in group training
S. Arase
pp. 81-91.
Interaction of two signal systems
N. Sakano (Takata)
pp. 92-112.
The effect of emotion on word recognition
Y. Goto
pp. 113-118.
Anxiety and academic performances
D. Sinha
pp. 119-122.
Q-technique: A method of personality measurement
M. Saji
pp. 123..


Psychologia, Vol. 4, No. 3 (1961)

pp. 125.

What is the True Self -Discussion-
K. Sato, H. Kataoka, R. DeMartino, M. Abe & H. Kawai
pp. 126-131.

Awakening to the True Self -A case of Rev. Hara-
K. Sasamoto

On the `I-am-me' experience in childhood and adolescence
H. Spiegelberg
pp. 135-146.

The self in analytical psychology
P. Horsch
pp. 147-155.
The self in analytical psychology
P. Horsch
pp. 156-162.

The self in self-actualization
R. Schwitzgebel

The subjective I, the objective selves and a model of personality
S. Kitamura
pp. 170-179.
Dimensions of job incentives and personality
Y. Rim
pp. 180-183.


Psychologia, Vol. 4, No. 4 (1961)

Values in individual and national life
R.W. Kilby
pp. 187-197.

Political attitudes of Japanese and American adolescents
T. Kato
pp. 198-200.

Figural after-effects as functions of contrast, area, and luminance of the inspection figure
E.H. Graham
pp. 201-208.

Acquisition and extinction of verbal conditioned responses in mental defectives
J. P. Das
pp. 209-213.

Manual dexterity, cortical inhibition, and introversion-extraversion
T. Kondo
pp. 214-217.
Intelligence test in Japan
R. Osaka
pp. 218-234.

Interference of intelligence with temperament
H. Sawa
pp. 235-241.