Psychologia, Vol. 40, No.1 (1997)

The Assessment of Optimistic Self-Beliefs: Comparison of the Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, and Korean Versions of the General Self-Efficacy Scale
R. Schwarzer, A. Born, S. Iwawaki, Y.-M. Lee, E. Saito & X. Yue

pp. 1-13.

Rediscovering and Reapplying Contingent Informal Meditation
J. Tloczynski, A. Malinowski & R. Lamorte

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Handedness, Familial Sinistrality and Spatial Task Performance
K. Santhakumari & G. Kurian

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Stress and Optimism: Relationships to Coping and Well-Being
S.-A. Khoo & G.D. Bishop

pp. 29-40.

Perceptual Organization and the Global-Local Relationship
G. Amirkhiabani & W.J. Lovegrove

pp. 41-50.

The Bilingual Carry-Over Effect
R. Hoosain & W.M. Poon

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Psychologia, Vol. 40, No. 2 (1997)

M. Koyasu
pp. 57-58.

Coping with Stress in Hong Kong: An Investigation of the Influence of Gender, Age, and the Self-Concept
A.C.K. Siu & D. Watkins

pp. 59-66.

Perceptions of Feelings among Students form the United States and Thailand
E.J. Looby, R.C. Page & K.C. Ruammake

pp. 67-71.

Biasing Time Discriminations in Humans
R.A. Rehfeldt & L.J. Hayes

pp. 72-81.

The Effect of Vocabulary Learning Strategy on Word Translation in Novice Bilinguals
H. Cheung

pp. 82-90.

Can Visual Feedback Effect Perspective-Taking Behavior in Young Children?
M. Koyasu

pp. 91-103.

An Analysis of Japanese Children's Beliefs About Capacity and Strategy in Relation to Emotions and Motivated Behaviors in School
H. Yamauchi & Y. Andatsu

pp. 104-111.

Sociotropy/autonomy and Differential Effects of Social Support on Psychological Well-Being
S.-K. Cheung, S.Y.K. Sun, Y.-S. Mak & W.-W. Fung

pp. 112-120.

Development Validation of a Self-Concept Questionnaire for Hong Kong Chinese Adults
S.-F. Tam

pp. 121-130.


Psychologia, Vol. 40, No. 3 (1997)

Mathematical Problem-Solving Processes of Students in Japan and the United States: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
H. Tajika, R.E. Mayer, C. Stanley & V. Sims

pp. 131-140.

Successive Processing Abilities and Question AIDS as Determinants of Solution of Mathematical Word Problems
M. Mitsuda & M. Sakita

pp. 141-151.

Valency and its Measurement: Validating a Japanese Version of the Reaction to Group Situation Test (RGST)
M. Hafsi

pp. 152-162.

Anchoring Effects in Judging Grammaticality of Sentences Violating the Subjacency Condition
H. Nagata

pp. 163-171.

Effects of Contour-line Thickness of the Test Figure on Hue Contrast in Koffka-Ring Type Patterns
H. Kobari, O. Fujita & T. Goto

pp. 172-178.

Effects of Task Demand on Interhemispheric Cooperation in Mental Addition Task
T. Hatta & K. Yoshizaki

pp. 179-191.

Disaster Stress of the 1995 Kobe Earthquake
H. Joh

pp. 192-200.

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Attributional Style: Korean Versus Scottish Mothers
E.-H.M. Park & G. Dimigen

pp. 201-208.


Psychologia, Vol. 40, No. 4 (1997)


M. Koyasu
pp. 209-210.

The Importance of Phonological Awareness and Verbal Short-Term Memory to Children's Success in Learning to Read Chinese
C.S.H. Ho

pp. 211-219.

The Management Style of Discipline Teachers in Hong Kong Secondary Schools
D.C. Kwok

pp. 220-226.

The Role of Self-Concepts of Technical School Students in Their Learning of a Second Language
C.-L. Luk & J.L.-C. Yuen

pp. 227-232.

Perceptions of Parental Treatment Styles and Adolescent Antisocial and Prosocial Behavior in a Chinese Context
D.T.L. Shek & H.K. Ma

pp. 233-240.

Work Stress among Primary School Guidance Teachers in Hong Kong: Correlations, Regressions and Implications
X. Yue

pp. 241-250.

Values and Moral Behavior in Mainland China
M.H. Bond, & V.M.-Y. Chi

pp. 251-264.

Gender Differences in the Basis and Level of Adult Self-Esteem: A Cross-Cultural Perspectiv
D. Watkins, J. Yau, J. Fleming, Z.N. Davis, A. Tam, A.M. Juhasz & A. Walker

pp. 265-276.

Creative Personality Versus Chinese Personality: How Distinctive are These Two Personality Factors?
A. Hui & E. Rudowicz

pp. 277-285.

Table of Contents XL
pp. 286-287.