Psychologia, Vol. 41, No.1 (1998)

Memory for Phonetic and Abstract Visual Material and Success in Learning to Read English and Japanese by Second Language Learners
M. Flaherty

pp. 1-11.

Implicit Memory Tests and Instrumental Inferences in a Second Language
S.F. Collins & H. Tajika

pp. 12-19.

Tian Ji and Chariot-Racing: Violation of Dominance in Similarity Judgment of Chinese Character
S. Li

pp. 20-31.

A Comparison of the Effects of Zen Breath Meditation or Relaxation on College Adjustment
J. Tloczynski & M. Tantriella

pp. 32-43.

The Effects of Stimulus Alignments on the Selection of Bigger Quadrangles by 5-Year-Olds
M. Shimizu

pp. 44-48.

Effects of Postconditioning Manipulations Following Compound Conditioning on Conditioned Licking Suppression in Rats
N. Kawai, N. Nishida, & H. Imada

pp. 49-60.


Psychologia, Vol. 41, No. 2. (1998)

Category -Based Inferences by Relating Premise to Conclusion Categories in Children and Adults
M. Kataoka & T. Sugimura

pp. 61-68.

Aggressive, Withdrawn, and Aggressive-withdrawn children in China: Differences in Perception by Peer, Teacher, and Self
Y. Xiao & F. Matsuda

pp. 69-80.

Arm-Folding in Families: A review of Literature and Some New Data
M. Reiss & G. Reiss

pp. 81-87.

Effects of Form in Koffka-Ring Type Patterns (2): Examination of Area-Ratio of test Figure to Inducing Figure in Hue Contrast
T. Hanari, M. Ito, S. Takahashi, S. Nakamura, H. Nonami & T. Goto

pp. 88-94.

Effects of Articulatory Suppression on Immediate serial Recall of Temporally Grouped and Intonated Lists
S. Saito

pp. 95-101.

Existing Knowledge Which Determines Performance in Arithmetic Word Problems
M. Sakamoto

pp. 102-113.

The Effects of Spaced Repetition on Explicit and Implicit Memory
N. Kitao & T. Inoue

pp. 114-119.

The Effect of Orientation upon Visual Field Asymmetries in the Recognition of Chinese Words
J. Coney

pp. 120-130.


Psychologia, Vol. 41, No. 3 (1998)

Sex Difference in Cognitive Competitive Tasks of Verbal and Spatial Information
T. Hatta & T. Kogure

pp. 131-143.

Classificatory Reasoning in Children: Is It a Knowledge-Based Competence? A Review of Empirical Studies
Y. Ni

pp. 144-154.

The Role of Birth Order in the Acculturation of Japanese Americans
G.J. Manaster, C. Rhodes, M.B. Marcus & J.C. Chan

pp. 155-170.

Children's Drawing Ability in the UK and China
M.V. Cox, J. Perara & F. Xu

pp. 171-182.

What Determines Tactile Illusion of a Rotated Disk
I. Watanabe

pp. 183-188.

Parents' Effect on Children's Gender-Role Attitudes: A Comparison between Japan and Korea
J. Sagara & R.H. Kang

pp. 189-198.

A Static Image of a Rapidly Moving Pattern Can Be Perceived by Making a Saccade
Y. Takeda, M. Nagai, K. Kazai & A. Yagi

pp. 199-202.

Synesthetic Tendencies as the Basis of Sensory Symbolism: A Review of a Series of Experiments by Means of Semantic Differential
T. Oyama, H. Yamada & H. Iwasawa

pp. 203-216.


Psychologia, Vol. 41, No. 4 (1998)

Adolescent Positive Mental Health and Psychological Symptoms: A Longitudinal Study in a Chinese Context
D.T.L. Shek

pp. 217-225.

Evaluating Educational Problems, Behavioural Problems and Intervention Strategies in Secondary Schools in Hong Kong: Views from Students, Parents and Teachers
X. Yue & K.K. Ho

pp. 226-234.

Modes of Historical View among Young Citizens in Hong Kong before the Changeover of Sovereignty
W.-C. Wong & H.-F. Sun

pp. 235-248.

Phonological Transfer in Chinese and English
C. McBride-Chang

pp. 249-258.

Individualism-Collectivism, Gender and the Self-Concept: A Nine Culture Investigation
D. Watkins, J. Adair, A. Akande, A. Gerong, D. McInerney, D. Sunar, S. Watson, Q.F. Wen & H. Wondimu

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Experimental Inquiry into the Psychodynamics of the Relationship between the Group's Dominant Basic Assumption Type and Scapegoating Phenomenon
M. Hafsi

pp. 272-284.

Report of Tsukuba International Conference on Memory
N. Ohta
pp. 285-289.