Psychologia, Vol. 44, No.1 (2001)


Guest Editors : Tetsuro Matsuzawa & Masaki Tomonaga

M. Tomonaga & T. Matsuzawa
pp. 1-2.

Self and Others in Nonhuman Primates: A Question of Perspective
J. R. Anderson

pp. 3-16.

Auditory Sequence Discrimination in Japanese Monkeys: Effect of Frequency Proximity on Perceiving Auditory Stream
A. Izumi

pp. 17-23.

Perceiving Eye Gaze in an Infant Gibbon (Hylobates agilis)
M. Myowa-Yamakoshi & M. Tomonaga

pp. 24-30.

Infants' Recognition of Causality: Discrimination between Inanimate Objects and People
D. Kosugi & K. Fujita

pp. 31-45.

Visual Search for Biological Motion Patterns in Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)
M. Tomonaga

pp. 46-59.

Ordering and Planning in Sequential Responding to Arabic Numerals by a Chimpanzee
N. Kawai

pp. 60-69.

Learning Processes in the Acquisition of a Tool Using Task by Captive Chimpanzees
M. L. Celli, M. Tomonaga, T. Udono, M. Teramoto, & K. Nagano

pp. 70-81.

Recognizing a Swan: Socially-Biased Learning
D. M. Fragaszy & E. Visalberghi

pp. 82-98.


Psychologia, Vol. 44, No. 2 (2001)

Children's Use of the Height and Size Cues to Depict a Projective Depth Relationship in Their Pictures
M. V. Cox & J. Perara

pp. 99-110.

Processing Units for Morphologically Complex Verbs in Japanese
T. Takahashi & P. J. Schwanenflugel

pp. 111-127.

The Ijime Phenomenon and Japan : Overarching Considerations for Cross-Cultural Studies
F. Ruiz & K. Tanaka

pp. 128-138.

A Longitudinal Study of Gender Differences in Prosocial and Antisocial Behavior
H. K. Ma, D. T. L. Shek, & K. K. Tam

pp. 139-147.

Moral Development in East Asian Societies : A Selective Review of the Cross-Cultural Literature
T. Naito, W.-Y. Lin, & U. P. Gielen

pp. 148-160.

Visual Field Differences of the Effects of Peripheral Semantic Information : Possible Effects of Reading Habit
T. Kamei & T. Hatta

pp. 161-172.


Psychologia, Vol. 44, No.3 (2001)

Lay Theories of Happiness in the East and West
A. Furnham, H. Cheng, & Y. Shirasu

pp. 173-187.

A Test of Independence Axiom in a Diagnosis Context That Offers Common Symptoms
S. Li & J.E. Taplin

pp. 188-196.

A Nonparametric Item Analysis of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire ? Chinese Version
J. Sachs, Y.K. Law, C.K.K. Chan, & N. Rao

pp. 197-208.

Use of Japanese Honorific Expressions by Native Chinese Speakers
Y. Miyaoka & K. Tamaoka

pp. 209-222.

Phonological Priming in Cantonese Spoken-Word Processing
M.C.W. Yip

pp. 223-229.

What is the Female Image Projected by Smoking?
J.R. Beech & J. Whittaker

pp. 230-236.


Psychologia, Vol. 44, No.4 (2001)

Effects of Orthographic Similarity in Processing Japanese Kanji
A. Morita & K. Tamaoka

pp. 237-249.

Teachersf Expectations of High School Studentsf Social Skills in Japan
K. R. Van Horn, K. Tamase, & K. Hagiwara

pp. 250-258.

The Role of Imagery on Imagery-Mediated Strategy in Paired-Associate Learning of Kanji and Their English Equivalents
Y. Kuwabara

pp. 259-268.

The Effectiveness of Multisensory Training in Improving Reading and Writing Skills of Chinese Dyslexic Children
C.S.-H. Ho, E.Y.-C. Lam, & A. Au

pp. 269-280.

Friends and Lovers : A Study of Human Mate Selection in India
J. Basu & R. Ray

pp. 281-291.