Psychologia, Vol. 48, No.1 (2005)

The Role of Emphasis and Argument Order in the Judgments of Grammaticality of Japanese Bitransitive Sentences Violating Chomsky's Principle of Full Interpretation
H. Nagata

pp. 1-13.

Modelling the Relationships Between Self-Schemas, Learning and Learning Outcomes in the Domain of High School Mathematics
C.-h. Ng

pp. 14-30.

Gender Differences in Mental Rotation Ability in Three Cultures: Ireland, Ecuador and Japan
M. Flaherty

pp. 31-38.

Differentiating Between Automatic and Strategic Control Processes: Toward a Model of Cognitive Mobilization in Bilingual Reading
H. Cheung & A. M. Y. Lin

pp. 39-53.
Effects of Prior Warning and Response Deadline on False Memory
M. Endo

pp. 54-60.

Calls for Papers ("Cross-Cultural/Gender Studies on Experiences and Expressions of Emotion"; "Applied Research in University Student Learning")
pp. 61-62.


Psychologia, Vol. 48, No.2 (2005)


Guest Editors : Akihiro Yagi

Editorial for the Special Issue
A. Yagi
pp. 63-65.

Cardiac Control During Dual-Task Performance of Visual or Auditory Monitoring With Visual-Manual Tracking
R. W. Backs, J. Rohdy & J. Barnard

pp. 66-83.

Social-Psychophysiological Compliance as a Predictor of Future Team Performance
R. A. Henning & K. T. Korbelak

pp. 84-92.

Missing-Stimulus Potentials Associated With a Disruption of Human-Computer Interaction
H. Nittono

pp. 93-101.
Dissociable Aspects of Mental Workload : Examinations of the P300 ERP Component and Performance Assessments
C. L. Baldwin & J. T. Coyne

pp. 102-119.

Eye-Fixation Related Potential to Stimuli Simulating the Vision of an Older Adult
K. Kazai, Y Abe, A. Yagi, T Nakano, K. Higuchi, & S. Yamamoto

pp. 120-126.

Mismatch Negativity Related to Updating Information in Object Files
M. Nagai & A. Yagi

pp. 127-132.

Eye and Head Movements in the Acquisition of Visual Information
J. A. Stern, T. B. Brown, L. Wang, & M. B. Russo

pp. 133-145.

Spatial Independency in Perceived Lengths of Saccade-Induced Images
A. Noritake, J. Watanabe, H. Ando, M. Terao, & A. Yagi

pp. 146-153.

Call for Papers ( gApplied Research in University Student Learningh)
p. 154.


Psychologia, Vol. 48, No.3 (2005)

Interference and Cognitive Inhibition in Children with ADHD Using Stroop Task
M. Shin

pp. 171-181.

Self-Estimated Intelligence, Psychometric Intelligence and Personality
A. Furnham

pp. 182-192.

Is Subjective Appearance Altered by Verbal Information? Children's Understanding of Colorblindness
M. W Cooper, R. Griffin, & E. Winner

pp. 193-204.

Visual Orienting Occurs Asymmetrically in Horizontal vs. Vertical Planes
M. Nomura, M. Katahata, & K. Hashiya

pp. 205-217.

Calls far Papers (`Applied Research in University Student Learning"; " Foundations of Social Knowledge")
pp. 218-219.


Psychologia, Vol. 48, No.4 (2005)


Guest Editors: Makoto Nakamura & Sakiko Yoshikawa

Editorial for the Special Issue
M. Nakamura
pp. 221-224.

The Emotions of the Ancient Greeks: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
D. Konstan

pp. 225-240.

Contrasting Some Japanese and English Positive Emotions: The Nature of Feeling
J. de Rivera & Sc K. Ono

pp. 241-253.

A Cross-Cultural Study of the Experiential Structure of Emotions of Distress: Preliminary Findings in a Sample of Female Japanese and American College Students
D. Saint Arnault, S. Sakamoto, & A. Moriwaki

pp. 254-267.

Emotional Experience in Italy, Spain, and Cuba: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
D. Galati, S. Schmidt, B. Sini, C. Tinti, M. Manzano, M. Roca, & S. Estaun Ferrer

pp. 268-287.

The After-Effects of Regulating Anger and Anger-Related Emotions on Self-Report Ratings and Behavior: Divergent Consequences for Men and Women
J. A. Hosie, A. B. Milne, & L. McArthur

pp. 288-305.

Culture, Gender and the Recognition of the Basic Emotions
J. Merten

pp. 306-316.

Burkina Faso and France: A Gross-Cultural Study of the Judgment of Action Readiness in Facial Expressions of Emotion
A. Tcherkassof & F. de Suremain

pp. 317-334.

The Expression, Communication, and Regulation of Biological Emotions: Sex and Cultural Differences and Similarities
R. Buck & S. R. Powers

pp. 335-353.

p. 354.

Call for Papers ("Foundations of Social Knowledge")
p. 355.

Table of Contents Vol. XLVIII
p. 356.