Psycchologia, Vol. 5, No.1 (1962)

Amae -A key concept for understanding Japanese personality structure
L.T. Doi
pp. 1-7.

Prof. C. G. dung and Japanese psychology
H. Kawai
pp. 8-10.

Mathematician and nembutsu
K. Sato
pp. 11-12.

Zen and creativity
A. Onda
pp. 13-20.

A note on creativity
K. Nomura
pp. 21-23.

Celestial illusion -An overview of the history and theories-
R. Osaka
pp. 24-31.
Verbalization process in infancy (I) -Transpositive use of sounds in development of symbolic activity-
N. Okamoto
pp. 32-40.
Comment on Prof. Mawrer's two-factor learning theory
I. Ishihara
pp. 41-48.
Standardization of revised adjustment inventory
P. Kumar
pp. 49-51
The prediction validity of seven manual dexterity tests
Y. Rim
pp. 52-55.
Dr. Carl Murchison
K. Sato
pp. 56.


Psychologia, Vol. 5 No. 2 (1962)

Three visions of perfection and human freedom
P.A. Bertocci
pp. 59-67.

On Sartre's existentialism
K. Nishitani
pp. 68-72.

Hypnotism and samadhi
K. Sasamoto
pp. 73-74.

T. Sahoda & K. Sato
pp. 75.

Meditative techniques in psychotherapy
W. Kretschmer
pp. 76-83.
Beyond self
T. Hora

pp. 84-87.
Programmed learning movement in Japan
S. Oba
pp. 88-92.
The effect of different amounts of training upon shifted discrimination learning as a function of intellectual level
S. Iwahara & T. Sugimura
pp. 93-98.
Semantic change in a paired-associate learning situation
R. Kanungo
pp. 99-102.
Psycho-somatic disorders and psychological medicine
S.P. Ghosh

pp. 103-106.
Department of Psychology, University of Rangoon, Burma
pp. 107-111.
A factorial study of psychological values
A. Inoue, I. Agari, F. Murashima, I. Yamashita & K. Usui
pp. 112-114.


Psychologia, Vol. 5, No. 3 (1962)

Morita therapy and psychoanalysis
L.T. Doi
pp. 117-123.

Reflections on LSD, Zen meditation and satori
G.R. Jordan, Jr
pp. 124-130.

Analytic and integrative therapy with the help of LSD-25
R. Holzinger

On the limitations of mysticism in psychoanalysis
B. Wolstein
pp. 140-145.

The sense of honesty
C. Moustakas
pp. 146-151.
Changing value in the East
K. Prasad
pp. 152-160.

Popular responses in the Rorschach test
P. Kumar

Professor Suhrit Chandra Mitra (1895-1962)
S. Sinha
pp. 172.


Psychologia, Vol. 5, No. 4 (1962)

Methods and aims of Buddhist meditation -Satipatthana and Zen-
H. Dumoulin
pp. 175-180.

Sermon and counseling from the Buddhist point of view
K. Fujita & S. Takido
pp. 181-184.

Excitatory and inhibitory process as the basis of contour shift and negative after-effect
R.H. Day
pp. 185-193.

On some statistical problems connected with efficient design of tests
B.N. Mukherjee
pp. 194-209.

A reply to Ishihara's critique of Mowrer's learning theory
R.B. McCall & R.S. Hart
pp. 210-216.
The effect of different methods of stimulus presentation upon acquisition in a two-choice learning situation
K.C. Panda
pp. 217-220.

National images and stereotypes : a study in bias
K. Prasad
pp. 221-222.
Changing attitude towards tradition in India and South Asia
K. Prasad
pp. 223-224.
study on developmental change in the interpretation of indeterminate number words
T. Kumae
pp. 225-227.