Psychologia, Vol. 50, No.1 (2007)

Editorial Announcement
p. 1.
First Fifteen Years of Our Journal Psychologia
N. Sakano
pp. 2-4.

Expertise of Actors: Three Viewpoints in Acting
H. Ando

pp. 5-14.

Young Children's Understanding of Second-Order Mental States
H. Hayashi

pp. 15-25.
The Arabic Language and Contemporary Egyptian National Values: A Lexical Analysis
W. Renner & K. Myambo

pp. 26-38.

Effect of Evaluative Conditioning Shapes on Affectively Neutral Nonsense Shapes
M. Hayashi

pp. 39-46.

Alteration of Interocular Suppression Following Monocular Homogeneous Stimulus
K. Ikeda & T. Morotomi

pp. 47-53.

A Step Toward Early Phonemic Awareness: The Effects of the Turtle Talk Training
P. B. Gough & C. H. Lee

pp. 54-66.

Call for Papers ("Development of Social Cognition")
p. 67.


Psychologia, Vol. 50, No.2 (2007)


Guest Editors : Satoru Saito & John N. Towse

Working Memory as A Construct in Cognitive Science: An Illustrious Past and A Highly Promising Future
S. Saito & J. N. Towse

pp. 69-75.
Evidence for An Olfactory Store in Working Memory?
J. Andrade & L. Donaldson

pp. 76-89.

Maintenance in Visuo-Spatial Working Memory
D. I. Burin, N. Irrazabal, & J. G. Quinn

pp. 90-101.

The Picture Superiority Effect in Working Memory for Spatial and Temporal Order
Z. Cattaneo, A. Postma, & T,Vecchi

pp. 102-109.
Inhibition Control and Working Memory Capacity in Children with SLI
K. Marton, L. Kelmenson, & M. Pinkhasova

pp. 110-121.

Phonological Loop and Goal Maintenance: Effect of Articulatory Suppression in Number-Size Consistency Task
E. Saeki

pp. 122-131.

Call for Papers ("Change Blindness and Visual Short-term Memory")
p. 132


Psychologia, Vol. 50, No.3 (2007)

Effects of Irrelevant Auditory Stimuli on a Text Recognition and Text Recall Task
M. Miyahara & T. Goshiki

pp. 133-149.
The Relation of Altruistic Orientation to Prosocial and Antisocial Behavior of Chinese Children
H. K. Ma

pp. 150-163.

Resilience: A New Research Area in Positive Psychology
J.-Y. Pan & C. L. W. Chan

pp. 164-176.

A Longitudinal Study of the Relationship Between Affect and Both Health and Lifestyle
K. Yamasaki, A. Nagai, & K. Uchida

pp. 177-191.
Influences of Premenstrual Syndrome on Psychophysiological Responses to Acute Stress
Y. Oda

pp. 192-202.

Computing Positions Indicated by Spatial "Terms in Three-Dimensional Space
T. Kojima & T. Kusumi

pp. 203-223.

Shortened Versions of Fennema-Sherman Mathematic Attitude Scales Employing Trace Information
J. Sachs & S. O. Leung

p. 224-235.

The Role of Culture in Altruism: Thailand and the United States
P. D. Yablo & N. P. Field

p. 236-251.

Call for Papers ("Change Blindness and Visual Short-term Memory")
p. 252


Psychologia, Vol. 50, No.4 (2007)


Guest Editors : Shoji Itakura & Kang Lee

Editorial for the Special Issue
S. Itakura & K. Lee
p. 253-254.
Self-Organization in the Development of Social Cognition: Symmetry Breaking and the Relational-Models Framework
J. Bolender

pp. 255-272.
The Role of Effects for Infants' Perception of Action Goals
B. Jovanovic, I. Kiraly, B. Elsner, G. Gergely, W. Prinz, & G. Aschersleben

pp. 273-290.
Young Children's Understanding of Another's Apparent-Crying and its Relationship to Theory of Mind
A. Mizokawa, & M. Koyasu

pp. 291-307.
Disinhibition Transmits From Television to Young Children
Y. Moriguchi, W. Sanc fuji, & S. Itakura

pp. 308-318.
Developmental Changes of Referential Looks in 7- and 9-month-olds: A Transition from Dyadic to Proto-Referential Looks
A. Kutsuki, S. Egami, T. Ogura, K. Nakagawa, M. Kuroki, & S. Itakra

pp. 319-329.
Can a'Ieleoperated Android Represent Personal Presence? -A Case Studv with Children
S. Nishio, H. Ishiguro, & N. Hagita

pp. 330-342.
Call for Papers ("Psychotherapy in the Changing World and Consciousness")
p. 343.

Table of Contents Vol. L
p. 344.