Psychologia, Vol. 53, No.1 (2010)

Re-Examination of the Effects of the "Finding Positive Meaning" Conine Strategy on Positive Affect and Health
K. Yamasaki, K. Uchida, & L. Katsuma

pp. 1-13.

Evaluation of Stimuli for Development of the Indonesian Version of Verbal Fluency Task Using Ranking Method
D. Hendrawan & T. Hatta

pp. 14-26.

Automatic Attentional Shifts by Gaze, Gestures, and Symbols
W. Sato, T. Kochiyama, S. Unto, & S. Yoshikawa

pp. 27-35.
Japanese Children's Difficulty With False Belief Understanding: Is It Real or Apparent?
Y. Moriguchi, Y. Okumura, Y. Kanakogi, & S. Itakura

pp. 36-43.
A 2-stage Factor Analysis of the Emotional Expressivity Scale in the Chinese Context
R. C. K. Chan, Y. Wang, H. Li, Y. Shi, Y. Wang, W. Liu, & J. Huang

pp. 44-50.
Call for Papers ("Cognitive Studies in the Real World")
p. 51.


Psychologia, Vol. 53, No.2 (2010)


Guest Editors : Katsumi Watanabe & Yukiko Uchida

Editorial for the Special Issue:
K. Watanabe & Y. Uchida
pp. 53-54.
Who is Happy in Taiwan? The Demographic Classifications of the Happy Person
L. Lu

pp. 55-67.
Psychological Well-Being: A Comparative Study Between Japanese and Egyptian Students
E. E Mohammed, M. Unher, & M. Sugawara

pp. 68-85.
Overgeneralization of Clitic and Non-Clitic Negation: A Study of Japanese EFL Students' Understanding of Negative Questions
M. Parrish & K. Tamaoka

pp. 86-101.
Implicit Processing of Environmental Resources in Psychological Resilience
K. Ihaya, Y. Yamada, T. Kawabe, & T. Nakamura

pp. 102-113.
Attentional Capture and Metaattentional Judgment: A Study of Young Children, Parents, and University Students
A. Oh-uchi, J. Kawahara, & L. Sugano

pp. 114-124.
Contextual Segmentation in the Visual Stream Produces a Temporal Synchronization Effect on Visual Perception
J. Ohyama & K. Watanabe

pp. 125-137.
Call for Papers ("Cognitive Studies in the Real World")
p. 138.


Psychologia, Vol. 53, No.3 (2010)

Prospects and Dilemmas in Emotion Psychology I. Schweiger-Gallo, A. Keil, A. Blanco,
J. de Miguel, J. L. Alvaro, & A. Garrido

pp. 139-150.
The Development of Theory of Mind Ability in Autistic Children
P. M. Wong & S. O. Leung

pp. 151-162.
Development and Validation of the Acculturative Hassles Scale for Chinese Students (AHSCS): An Example of Mainland Chinese University Students in Hong Kong
J.-Y. Pan, X. Yue, & C. L. W. Chan

pp. 163-178.
Gratitude, Indebtedness, and Regret on Receiving a Friend's Favor in Japan
T Naito & Y. Sakata

pp. 179-194.
Autonomic Reactivity of Hypothesis-Testing in Decision-Making
Y. Terasawa & S. Umeda

pp. 195-206.
Call for Papers ("Cognitive Studies in the Real World")
p. 207.


Psychologia, Vol. 53, No.4 (2010)


Guest Editors : Katsumi Watanabe

Editorial for the Special Issue:
K. Watanabe
pp. 209-210.
The Cycle of Violence: Childhood Abuse History, Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment Among Japanese Mothers
T. Fujiwara, M. Okuyama, & M. Izumi

pp. 211-224.
Attitudes Among a Majority Group and Multiple Minority Groups in Relation to English Education in Japanese Elementary Schools
H. Takakuwa

pp. 225-235.
A Holistic View of Happiness: Belief in the Negative Side of Happiness is More Prevalent in Japan than in the United States
Y. Uchida

pp. 236-245.
An Exploratory Study of Limited Information Acquisition: Do Brand Names Make Product Evaluations Easy?
M. Sakashita

pp. 246-255.
Understanding Characteristics of the Transfer of Mental Models in the Use of Electrical Devices
K. Tanaka & T. Yamaoka

pp. 256-266.
Neuromagnetic Correlates of Perceived Brightness in Human Visual Cortex
A. Kondo, H. Tsubomi, & K. Watanabe

pp. 267-275.
Table of Contents Vol. LIII
pp. 276-277.