Psychologia, Vol. 54, No.1 (2011)

The Inhibitory Effect of Phonological Syllables, Rather Than Orthographic Syllables, as Evidenced in Korean Lexical Decision Tasks
Y. Kwon, C. Lee, K. Lee, & K. Nam

pp. 1-14.
Gaze and Facial Expressions When Talking About Emotional Episodes
M. Nomura & S. Yoshikawa

pp. 15-26.
Comparison of Preferences of Monopolistic and Non-Monopolistic Individuals Toward Justified Punishers
Y. Morimoto, S. F. Nakashima, & T. Kusumi

pp. 27-38
Personality and Intelligence Predict Arts and Science School Results in 16 Year Olds
A. Furnham, E. Rinaldelli-Tabaton, & T. Chamorro-Premuzic

pp. 39-51.
Age Differences in the Relationship Among Conditional Inference, Working Memory and Prepotent Response Inhibition
K. Nakamichi

pp. 52-66.


Psychologia, Vol. 54, No.2 (2011)


Guest Editor: Etsuko T. Harada

Editorial for the Special Issue:
E. T. Harada
p. 67.
The Psychophysiological Effects of the Fireplace
S. Tamakoshi, S. Shimai, S. Sogo, & A. Yagi

pp. 68-79.
How Long is Long Enough: Public Concern About the Academic Careers of Students from Areas Devastated by the Wenchuan Earthquake
S. Li, Z.-J. Wang, L.-L, Rao, R. Zheng, X.-P. Ren, J.-Z. Li, H. Liu,Y-L. Bi, F. Wang, & X.-W. Bai

pp. 80-86.
Perceptual Disappearance of a Visual Object in a Driving Situation
K. Inoue, Y. Yagi, & T. Kikuchi

pp. 87-95.
Effect of Using Frequency on Evaluation of Waiting Time when Using ICT
S. Niida, E. T. Harada, S. Uemura, & H. Nakamura

pp. 96-106
How Does a Searching Support System Influence User Activities?: Explicit and Implicit Effects on Two Kinds of Experts
K. Mori, E. T. Harada, K. Matsui, & K. Uchinno

pp. 107-117.


Psychologia, Vol. 54, No.3 (2011)

The Effect of Perceptual and Personal Memory Retrieval on Story Comprehension
K. Tsunemi & T. Kusumi

pp. 119-134.
Academic Achievement: Changes in Motivational Beliefs and Self-Regulated Learning Strategies Over Time
M. A. Henning & B. Shulruf

pp. 135-144.
The Effect of Religion on the Human Mind: Analyses of Language Use and Personality
K. Kim, J. Jang, J. Park, & C. H. Lee

pp. 145-155.
Visual Attention, Emotional and Behavioral Responses to Facial Expression in Young Children with Autism
Y.-M. Li, J. Jing, Y. Jin, X.-B. Zou, K. Igarashi, & R. C. K. Chan

pp. 156-165.
An Own-Age Bias in Young Adults' Facial Age Judgments
G. Anzures, L. Ge, Z. Wang, S. Itakura, & K. Lee

pp. 166-174.


Psychologia, Vol. 54, No.4 (2011)


Guest Editors : Kazuo Fujita

Editorial for the Special Issue
K. Fujita
pp. 175-177.
Effects of Communicating Success With Friends on Self-Esteem in Japan and the United States
D. Dalsky

pp. 178-189.
Happiness in Pedagogical Institutions: An Analysis of Outward Bound Schools in Japan and Germany
R. Mattig

pp. 190-207.
Relationship Between Concentration and Temporal Duration Estimation: Implications for Flow Experience
J. Saiki & E. Inoue

pp. 208-221.
Brain Mechanisms of Happiness
S. Funahashi

pp. 222-233.
Happiness Associated With Noh-Masks Modulates the Mesolimbic Reward System: An fMRI Study Based on Neuroaesthetics
N. Osaka & T. Minamoto

pp. 234-240.
The Interplay of Genetic and Environmental Influences on Prefrontal Function and Self-Regulation of Impulsivity
M. Nomura

pp. 241-251.
Happiness is a Matter of Social Comparison
M. Yamada & H. Takahashi

pp. 252-260.
Table of Contents Vol. LIV
pp. 261-262.