Psychologia, Vol. 55, No.1 (2012)

Subcategories of Positive Emotion
Tomomi Fujimura, Wataru Sato, & Kazuo Okanoya

pp. 1-8.
Emotion As An Intervening Variable in Understanding the Cognitive and Social Complexity and Well-Being of Chimpanzees
Fumihiro Kano, Yumi Yamanashi, & Masaki Tomonaga

pp. 9-20.
Cross-Cultural Differences in Self-Assessed Intelligence: A Comparison of British and Chinese Undergraduates
Adrian Furnham, Bei-Lin Tit, & Viren Swami

pp. 21-27
Effects of the Deliberate Decision-Making Style on Career Decision-Making Processes and Coping With Regret After High School
Hideo Ueichi, Naoko Kuriyama, Takahiro Saito, & Takashi Kusumi

pp. 28-44.
Influences of Optimism and Positive Orientation on Students' Subjective Well-Being
Kyoko Hashimoto & Masuo Koyasu

pp. 45-59.


Psychologia, Vol. 55, No.2 (2012)


Guest Editor: Takashi Tsukiura

Editorial for the Special Issue:
T. Tsukiura
pp. 61-62.
Recollection of Episodic Memory and the Hippocampus: Evidence From fMRI
M. Suzuki

pp. 63-79.
Neural Correlates of Emotional Memories: A Review of Evidence From Brain Imaging Studies
F. Dolcos, E. Denkova, & S. Dolcos

pp. 80-111.
Neural Correlates Mediating Age Differences in Episodic Memories: Evidence From Bold Contrasts and Connectivity Analyses
N. A. Dennis & K. M.Peterson

pp. 112-130.
Neuroimaging Studies of False Memory: A Selective Review
N. Abe

pp. 131-145
From Prospection to Prospective Memory: Constructing, Encoding, and Remembering Future Plans
J. Okuda

pp. 146-160.


Psychologia, Vol. 55, No.3 (2012)

Enhanced Repetition Blindness With Angry Emotional Faces
K. Yamaoka & S. Umeda

pp. 161-170.
Age Differences in the Experience of Regret in Japan: Commission Versus Omission in the Interpersonal and Self-Domains
A. Komiya & T. Kusumi

pp. 171-183.

The Effect of Working Memory Capacity and Mental Effort on Monitoring Accuracy in Text Comprehension
K. Ikeda & S.Kitagami

pp. 184-193.

How Does Executive Function Contribute to Source Monitoring in Young Children?
Y. Kanakogi, Y. Moriguchi, G. Fu, K. Lee, & S. Itakura

pp. 194-207.
Translation Processes in Bilinguals: Role of Inter-Lingual Distance and Second Language Proficiency
Y. Sakaki Y. Hakoda, & Z. Kaminska

pp. 208-225.
Call for Papers
("Evidence and Narratives in Psychotherapy Research and Practice")
p. 226.


Psychologia, Vol. 55, No.4 (2012)

Amodal Completion of Boundaries in Coloured Surfaces
J. Dadam, L. Albertazzi, L. Canal, & R. Micciolo

pp. 227-245.
Reliability and Validity of the Digit Cancellation Test, A Brief Screen of Attention
T Hatta, K. Yoshizaki, Y. Ito, M. Mase, & H. Kabasawa

pp. 246-256.
The Positive Influence of English-Language Activities on English Digit-Span Performance Among Japanese Elementary School Children: A Three Year Cross-Sequential Study
Y. Sakuma & S. Saito

pp. 257-268.
High Self-Esteem Increases Spontaneous Attention to Positive Information: An Event-Related Brain Potential Study
K. Ishii, E Sugimoto, &J. Katayama

pp. 269-279.
Domestic Violence Among the Japanese: Implications for the Psy chology of Victimization
R. E. Hall

pp. 280-290.
Call for Papers
("Evidence and Narratives in Psychotherapy Research and Practice")
p. 291.
Table of contents Vol. LV
p. 292.