Psychologia, Vol. 57, No.1 (2014)

Occupational Stereotype: Up-Down Spatial Embodiment of the Competence Content
A. Lu, Y. Yu, M. Zhang, L. Chang, & B. Liang

pp. 1-11.
Perceptual Reversal Guided by Integration between Bottom-Up Input and Top-Down Feedback Over Time Course
K. W. Lee.

pp. 12-30.
The Development of Infant Temperament and Its Relationship With Maternal Temperament
E. Kusanagi, S. Nakano, & K. Kondo-Ikemura

pp. 31-48.
Beautiful Faces Enhance Verbal Working Memory Performance: An NIRS Study
S. Kajimura, T. Himichi, & M. Nomura

pp. 49-57.


Psychologia, Vol. 57, No.2 (2014)


Guest Editor: Shigehiro Oishi

Editorial for the Special Issue:
S. Oishi & K. M. Hoffman
pp. 59-64.
Social Ecology and Suicide: An Analysis of Topographic and Climatic Characteristics in Areas With Low and High Suicide Incidence
M. Oka

pp. 65-81.
Ecological Threat and Psychological Variation
D. R. Murray

pp. 82-101.
A Socio-Ecological Approach to Perception
F. B. Gross & D. R. Proffitt

pp. 102-114.
Places and Traces of Personality
J. Zimmermann & F. J. Neyer

pp. 115-132.
Social Ecology and Theory of Mind
A. Mizokawa & A. Komiya

pp. 133-151.


Psychologia, Vol. 57, No.3 (2014)

Salient Natural Scene Attracts Both Younger and Older Adultsf Attention
S. Otsuka & J.Kawaguchi

pp. 153-163.
The Role of Sentence Information in Reading Span Performance: An Examination of the Recall Reconstruction Hypothesis
T. Tanaka, S. Saito, & S. Kikuchi

pp. 164-176.
Health-Related QOL and Lifestyles are Associated With Cognitive Functions in Elderly People
A. Takada, P. Park, Y. Shigemune, & T. Tsukiura

pp. 177-200.
Cultural Adaptation (Im)Possible? Measuring Prejudice in Japan With the Affect Misattribution Procedure
M. Seel & S. Teige-Mocigemba

pp. 201-212.
How do Japanese Perceive Individualism? Examination of the Meaning of Individualism in Japan
Y. Ogihara, Y. Uchida, & T. Kusumi

pp. 213-223.


Psychologia, Vol. 57, No.4 (2014)


Guest Editor: Yukiko Uchida and Kosuke Takemura

Editorial: Regional Communities
Y. Uchida & K. Takemura
pp. 225-228.
Happiness in Thailand: Variation Between Urban and Rural Regions
H. Hitokoto, Y. Takahashi, & J. Kaewpijit

pp. 229-244.
Extension Officers as Social Coordinators: Comparisons Between Agricultural and Fishing Communities in Japan
K. Takemura, Y. Uchida, & M. Fujino

pp. 245-258.
Unravelling the `Fongkong' Phenomenon in Botswana Through Analyzing the Relationship Among Mass Media, Governmental Activities and Local Voices
Y. Zi

pp. 259-274.
The Potential for Community-Based Action Research for Area Studies: A Process Evaluation Method for the Improvement of Community Life
T. Kusago & T. Miyamoto

pp. 275-294.