Psychologia, Vol. 58, No.1 (2015)

Implicit Self-Stereotyping Under Eye Gaze: The Effects of Gaze Cues on Implicit Math Identity Among Women
Y. Karouji & T. Kusumi

pp. 1-14.
Personality Traits Show Differential Relations With Anxiety and Depression in a Nonclinical Sample
Y. Takahashi, B. W. Roberts, S. Yamagata, & N. Kijima

pp. 15-26.
Aftermath of 3/11: A Pilot Study on the Relationship Between Indirect Exposure to Earthquakes and Auditory Attention
M. Kimura, F. Sugimoto, M. Ueda, Y. Takeda, & J. Katayama

pp. 27-35.
Psychological Distance and Likeablity of In- or Out-Group Targets Who Hold Different Opinions
M. Muto, N. Kugihara, & Y. Kohara

pp. 36-48.
Interpersonal Emotional Intelligence Reduces the Gap in Anger Regulation Confidence Caused by Self-Other Dissimilarity
Y. Nozaki & M. Koyasu

pp. 49-60.


Psychologia, Vol. 58, No.2 (2015)

ikeable Likeness: Personality, Experience and Preference for Abstract and Low Complexity Art
A. Krajewska & A. Waligorska

pp. 61-74.
Influence of Internalizing Problems on Academic Achievement in Chinese Adolescents: The Mediating Effect of Attention Problems
M.Lv, Y.Wan & H.Fu

pp. 75-83.
Further Exploring the Relation Between Uncertainty and Attraction
R. M. Montoya, C. M. Faiella, B. P. Lynch, S. Thomas, & H. K. Deluca

pp. 84-97.
The Immediate Incubation Effect on Creative Problem Solving: Using the Remote Association Task
H. Nam & C. H. Lee

pp. 98-113.


Psychologia, Vol. 58, No.3 (2015)

Self-Esteem as Determinant of Investors' Stock Market Participation: Mediating Role of Risk Preferences and Behavioral Biases
M. Arora & S. Kumari

pp. 115-126.
Effects of Source Information on Learning and Integration of Information on Genetically Modified Foods
R. Iseki & T. Kusumi

pp. 127-144.
The Influence of Accent Pattern Typicality on Immediate and Delayed Nonword Repetition
Y. Tanida, T. Ueno, M. A. LAmbon Ralph, & S. Saito

pp. 145-154.
A Pilot Examination of Dyadic Coping Inventory Among Japanese Married Couples
K. Yokotani & T. Kurosawa

pp. 155-164.


Psychologia, Vol. 58, No.4 (2015)

Flow in Firefighters and Its Relationship With Performance in High-Risk Tasks:@Preliminar Research
R. De La Vega, J. P. Garcia, R. Ruiz-Barquin, & S. Marquez

pp. 167-175.
The Apparent Lack of Agency Empathy, and Creativity, Among Japanese Youth: Interpretations From Project Test Responses
C. Hatanaka

pp. 176-188.
Why Do People Retweet a Tweet?: Altruistic, Egoistic, and Reciprocity Motivations for Retweeting
M. Lee, H. Kim, & O. Kim.

pp. 189-201.
Young Children's Understanding of the Generality of Their Kindergarten Script: Effects of Theory of Mind
K. Yanaoka & M. Koyasu

pp. 202-219.