Psychologia, Vol. 59, No.1 (2016)

Similarity and Liking Effects on Interpersonal Attraction: Test of the Two-Dimensional Trust-Respect Model
R. Singh, A. Goh, K. Sankaran, & N. Bhullar

pp. 1-18.
How Affinity Influences on Decision Making Inconsistent with WOM Trustworthiness and EWOM Trustworthiness
M. Eguchi & T. Yamashita

pp. 19-37.
Does Finger Pointing Toward Drug Names Prevent Confusion Between Similar Names During Rapid Search?
J. Mitobe & T. Higuchi

pp. 38-49.
The Relationships of Assertiveness and Responsiveness to Sexual Behavior
K. Sim & W. Y. Chun

pp. 50-69.


Psychologia, Vol. 59, No.2&3 (2016)


Guest Editor: K. Fujita

Guest Editorial: Why Do We Study Minds of Companion Animals?
K. Fujita

Influence of Owners' Personality on Personality in Labrador Retriever Dogs
H. Kuroshima, Y. Hori, M. Inoue-Murayama, and K. Fujita

Effect of Conspecific and Heterospecific Video Playback on Food Consumption in Budgerigars and Bengalese Finches
Y. Ikkatai & Y. Seki

Failure to Find Reinforcement Effect of Neck Patting in Horses (Equus caballus)
A. Takahashi, K. Nishiyama, M. Ohkita, & K. Sawa

Horses (Equus caballus) Adaptively Change the Modality of Their Begging Behavior as a Function of Human Attentional States
A. Takimoto, Y. Hori, & K. Fujita

Cats Beg for Food From the Human Who Looks at and Calls to Them: Ability to Understand Humans' Attentional States
Y. Ito, A. Watanabe, S. Takagi, M. Arahori, & A. Saito

Do Budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus) Perceive the Delboeuf Illusion? A Preliminary Study with a Simultaneous Discrimination Task
S. Watanabe, Y. Hase, & N. Nakamura

The Effects of Pre-Weaning Social Isolation and Mother's Presence on the Object Exploration Behavior of Infant Octodon degus
T. Uekita & S. Kawakami

Recollection of What-Where-Which Memory in Degus (Octodon degus)
T. Betsuyaku, M. Tsuzuki, & K. Fujita


Psychologia, Vol. 59, No.4 (2016)

Developmental Change in Sensitivity to Audiovisual Speech Congruency and Its Relation to Language in Infants
M. Imafuku & M. Myowa

pp. 163-172
The Interaction of Trait and Group Information on Impression Formation
C. Y. Park, E. Choi, J. Kim, & T. Hur

pp. 173-181
Integrating Psychosocial and Cognitive Predictors of Social Networking Service Addiction Tendency Using Structural Equation Modeling
M. Shin, J. Lee, Y. J. Chyung, P. W. Kim, & S. Y. Jung

pp. 182-201
Model of Social Anxiety Disorder: A Structural Equation Modeling of Cognitive, Meta-Cognitive, Behavioral Aspects
A. Shahbazirad, E. Ghadampour, F. Ghazanfari, & K. Momeni

pp. 202-214