Psycchologia, Vol. 6, No.1-2 (1963)

pp. 1-2.

Fifty Years of Gestalt Psychology and Behaviorisrlz
Gestalt psychology in 1962
W. Kohler
pp. 3-6.

Gestalt psychology in Japan
K. Sato
pp. 7-10.

Zur Geschichte der Gestalttheorie in Deutschland
W. Metzger
pp. 11-21.

A review of Gestalt studies in Japan Development of studies on form perception
S. Nozawa & T. Iritani
pp. 22-45.

Piaget's viewpoint of Gestalt psychology
T. Iritani
pp. 46-52.
Critical comments on Gestalt psychology
C. Hsi-Bang
pp. 53-58.
Behaviorism in Japan
S. Iwahara & O. Fujita
pp. 59-65.
Behavioral science and Oriental ethology
K. Sato
pp. 66.
The meeting of East and West on the Japanese scene
T. Aria
pp. 67-70.
On the structure of iki One of beauty concepts particular to the Japanese
T. Tsushima
pp. 71-73.
The study of 1Viaster Lin-chi I-hsuan (Rinzai Gigen)
C.-Y. Chang
pp. 74-81.
Putting the mind to the plantar core An application of Zen practice to hygiene
J. Nikaido
pp. 82-85.

Science of Zazen
A. Kasamatsu & T. Hirai
pp. 86-91.

Some models of interaction of verbal and non-verbal systems
N. Sakano
pp. 92-100.

Bias in interpersonal perception among sociometric mutual choices
B.B. Chatteree & Hariharan Nair
pp. 101-109.


Psychologia, Vol. 6, No. 3 (1965)

On the peace of mind
S. Hisamatsu, K. Nishitani, R. DeMartino, H. Kataoka, K. Sato & S. Toyomura
pp. 117-124.

Existential trends in American psychology
P. Nath
pp. 125-130.

Common factors between figural and phonetic symbolism
T. Oyama & J. Haga
pp. 131-144.

A theory of color vision
Y. Shimizu
pp. 145-154.

A theory regarding the hypothetic existence of an individual rhythm in the energetic expansion of thinking, feeling and acting
S. M. Popescu
pp. 155-164.

Measures for helping the mentally retarded in Japan
Y. Miki
pp. 165-170.
Professor Kan-ichi Tanaka (1882-1922) and his contribution to educational measurement
S. Nakano
pp. 171-172.


Psychologia, Vol. 6, No. 4 (1963)

Psychological activities in .Asian countries -Letters front Asian colleagues (in Ceylon,China, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines)-
pp. 175-182.

On the peace of mind
S. Hisamatsu, K. Nishitani, R. DeMartino, H, Kataoka, K. Sato & S. Toyomura
pp. 183-186.

The Ishiguro technique -All intensive course of Zen training-
K. Sato

Juvenile delinquency pattern by Rorschach ink-blots
A. B. Ray
pp. 190-192.

Prolegomena to a psychology of signs : I. The symbolistic revolution
J. B. Klee & H. G. Schrickel
pp. 193.
Comparison of time-error phenomena in different sense-modalities
S. Inomata
pp. 107-206.

Comparison of time-error phenomena in different sense-modalities
S. Inomata

The role of eye movements in various forms of perception
N. Sakano
pp. 215-227.