Psychologia, Vol. 60, No.1 (2017)


Guest Editor: S. Tsujimoto

Editorial for the Special Issue
S. Tsujimoto
Effects of Food Sampling on Brain Potential Responses to Food Branding
H. Nittono & K. Watari

Verification of Direct Marketing Methods Utilizing Brain Imaging
T. Ochiai, M. Suganuma, Y. Nakamura, A. Sakaki, & M. Nakagawa

Consumer Behavior, Hormones, and Neuroscience: Integrated Understanding of Fundamental Motives Why We Buy
K. Motoki & M. Sugiura

The Role of Presenter Actions in the Evaluation of Oral Presentations: Evidence From FMRI and Motion-Vector Analysis
R. Iseki, S. Kajima, X. Zhao, X. Liang, & S. Tsujimoto



Psychologia, Vol. 60, No.2 (2017)

Stimulus-Response Compatibility Effect: An Attempt to Replicate Cook's eAutomatic Imitation in a Strategic Contextf
H. Ito

pp. 57-67
Validation of the 40 and 21 Items Versions of the Portrait Values Questionnaire in Argentina
M. Beramendi & E. Zubieta

pp. 68-84
The Effects of Reading Amount on Letter Reading Skill: A Longitudinal Survey of Japanese Elementary Schoolchildren
K. Inohara, A. Ueda, K. Shioya, & H. Osanai

pp. 85-96
Interpersonal Benefits of Defensive Pessimism: Defensive Pessimism and Negative Focus Interact to Predict Positive Evaluation
H. Shimizu & K. Nakashima

pp. 97-109


Psychologia, Vol. 60, No.3 (2017)

Effect of Islamic Work Ethics on Employees Work Engagement and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
T. Farid, S. Iqbal, M. Jianhong, T. Mushtaq, Q. Mehmood

pp. 111-120
Effects of Situational Factors on Academic Delay of Gratification in College Students
T. Mitsutomi, T. Ogawauchi

pp. 121-131
Career Calling and Well-Being Among South Korean Adult Workers: Living a Calling and Work Volition as Mediators
J. Ahn, H. Kim, J. Lee

pp. 132-146
Gaining a Positive Sense of Control: Teaching the Principles and Practice of Control Therapy in an Educational Setting
D. H. Shapiro, Jr., J. Kruse, J. A. Astin

pp. 147-166


Psychologia, Vol. 60, No.4 (2017)


Guest Editor: Y. Tanaka

Editorial for the Special Issue
Y. Tanaka
pp. 167-168
Aspects of Ego-Experience of Japanese Adolescence in the Early 21st Century: As Seen in Surveys From 1982 and 2005
K. Takaishi

pp. 169-187
Relationship Between Modern Personality Characteristics and Stress Responses Using the Scale on Working Attitude Types (ScWAT)
T. Noguchi

pp. 188-204
The Sense of Self and Other in Nonverbal Communication: A Study Using Video Analysis of Dialog Scenes
T. Matsuoka

pp. 205-216
Psychological Characteristics of Surgical Patients With Thyroid Disease
C. Hasegawa, T. Kawai, M. Tanaka, & A. Fukao

pp. 217-232