Psychologia, Vol. 61, No.1 (2018)

Reference Group Perspective on Individual Investors’Herd Behavior: The Effects of Self-Esteem and Trait Anxiety
J. Xie, J. Wang, L. Yang

Money Attitude and Conscientiousness Influence Mental Budgeting: A Comparative Study Between Indonesia and China
H. W. S. Elgeka, J. Ma, L. V. H. Secapramana, A. Yudiarso

pp. 26
Implicit Social Associations for Geometric-Shape Agents More Strongly Influenced by Visual Form Than by Explicitly Identified Social Actions
B. Kenward, M. Berggren, M. Kitazaki, S. Itakura, Y. Kanakogi

pp. 37
Individuals With High Autistic Traits Focus Explicitly on Body Parts When Transforming Visual Perspectives
H. Ikeda, M. Wada

pp. 53