Psycchologia, Vol. 7, No.1 (1964)

The fruits of eclecticism-bitter or sweet?
G.W. Allport
pp. 1-14.

Pakistan - a society in transition
S.M.H. Zaidi
pp. 15-21.

A projective technique to measure change-proneness of farmers
U. Pareek & S.N. Chattopadhyay
pp. 22-28.

Differnces of dental patient responses between the new and old type offacilities in the dentist treatment
M. Oka, R. Osaka & G. Minoguchi
pp. 29-38.

Pathological disorders of eye-movements in hemiplegics
N.Sakano, S.Ueda & M.Seki
pp. 39-46.

Relation of the effect of knowledge of results to distribution of trials
V.Madan & M.K. Dey
pp. 47-54.
On the problems of theories of psychotherapy and counseling
Y. Nishijima
pp. 55-59.
Tempo and Education
E. Shimizu
pp. 60.


Psychologia, Vol. 7, No. 2 (1964)

Sensory deprivation: a comprehensive survey
C.A. Brownfield
pp. 63-93.

Cotcntion and Japanese actor training
K. Sato
pp. 94.

The influence of group opinions on social attitude
S. Inomata
pp. 95-110.

Learning in brightness discrimination as affected by the introduction of electric shock
H. Azuma & C.W. Ericksen
pp. 111-119.

First results of application on Italian subjects of the Ohwaki-Kohs Intelligence Test for the blind
M.T. Bozzo & G. Zecca
pp. 121-123.

The origin and development of the Japanese language
Y. Hara
pp. 124.


Psychologia, Vol. 7, No. 3-4 (1964)

Life and death: the views of Japanese war criminals - an analysis of Posthumous letters of the century -
K. Sakuda
pp. 127-142.

Death of Zen masters
K. Sato
pp. 143-147.

No Japanese Zen, thank you !
R.H. Blyth

Zen and LSD : an enlightening experience
A.H. Rogers
pp. 150-151.

A note on the psychological study of the Japanese people
O. Miyagi, T. Akiyama & T. Sakamoto
pp. 152.
Guilt and shame in the connection with the developmental
K. Moriguchi
pp. 153-158.

Deference - East, West, Mid-Pacific : observations concerning Japanese, American and Japanese-American women,
A. Arkoff

Marriage attitudes in Japanese college students
S. Iwahara
pp. 165-174.
A cross-cultural and dia-chronical study of Japanese college students' responses to the Morris' value scale
J. Misumi & N. Ando
pp. 175-184.
Aspects of value-formation in primary and secondary school children
S. Takahashi & Y. Naito
pp. 185-191.
A study of the social attitudes in the present-day Japanese youth
N. Nishihira
pp. 192-197.
Hypnotic treatment of stage fright in champion athletes
G. Naruse
pp. 199-205.
Preface to Japanese edition, of Tke Nature of Prejudice
G.W. Allport
pp. 206.
Development on the figure-cognition
T. Tanaka
pp. 207-210.
Understanding college student's problems - a methodological paper -
S.K. Mitra & A.A. Khatri
pp. 211-221.
Masculinity-femininity as predictor of job satisfaction of teachers
B.B. Chatterjee
pp. 223-232