Psycchologia, Vol. 8, No.1-2 (1965)

Personality change through Naikan and Zen
K. Sato
pp. 1.

On "Naikan" method
K. Takeuchi
pp. 2-8.

Moral treatment and reformation of inmates in Japanese prisons
J.I. Kitsuse
pp. 9-23.

I. Yoshimoto: Forty years of Naikan
K. Sato
pp. 24.

Adolescent suicide in Japan - Its socio-cultural background -
H. Naka
pp. 25-40.

Observations of the acculturation of sansei Japanese Americans in Hawaii
G.M. Meredith
pp. 41-49.
A bibliographic overview in the postwar studies of Japanese culture
E. Hamaguchi
pp. 50-62.
Probability and behavior and eastern throught
E.W. Barankin
pp. 63-72.
Reactions to the Indian academic social scene
J.B. Klee
pp. 73-80.
Mind in hyperspace
W.V. Dusen
pp. 81-90.
An experimental study of cognitive dissonance under conditions of interruption and completion of a task
A. Ahmad
pp. 91-95.
Science and philosophy: A paradox in psychology
C.A. Brownfield
pp. 96-98.
Differential perception of student leadership
D. Sinha & P. Kumar
pp. 99-105.
The relation of cyclothymia-schizothymia to extroversion-introversion
H.N. Murthy
pp. 106-110.
Professor Heinz Werner: Recollections of the man and his contribution to psychology
T. Iritani
pp. 111-119.
pp. 120-121.


Psychologia, Vol. 8, No. 3 (1965)

Zen and Christianity
S. Ando
pp. 123-134.

Identity as atonement
P. Wienphal

pp. 135-144.

Beyond the unconscious ; the ultraconscious
S.R. Dean
pp. 145-150.

Health for what ?
C.B. eukenkamp
pp. 151-152.

Ethnic and sex differences in sexual values
J.Church & C.A. Insko
pp. 153-158.

Juvenile delinquency and social isolation
J. Abe, H. Ohashi, K. Takahashi, Y. Ishgooka & T. Oyamada
pp. 159-164.
Transposition behavior in visual discrimination learning
T. Shirai
pp. 165-168.
Recent psychological research in Ceylon
D.L. Jayasuriya
pp. 169-174.
Necrology (Prof. Michotte & Prof. Teplov)
pp. 158, 174.


Psychologia, Vol. 8, No. 4 (1965)

A cross-cultural study on value pattern of seven cultural samples
N. Ando
pp. 177-186.

The relation between emotions and bodily sensations
Tadashi Abe
pp. 187-190.

The meaning of silence in play therapy
M. Miyamoto

The colors of Zen
J.B. Klee
pp. 197-201.

No-mind in Zen and mindfulness in Satipatthana
K. Sato
pp. 202.
The Sunlun way of mindfulness
W. Pe
pp. 203-212.

An objective evaluation of Rosenzweig's analysis of subjective reactions to frustration in a Pakistani cultural setting
S.M.H. Zaidi & K. Shafi

Personality and variability in aesthetic evaluation
J. Mohan & V. Mohan
pp. 218-219.
Counselor education in the Republic of China ----- an outsider's view
L.M. Brammer
pp. 220-222.
Pseudo and actual effects of electro-convulsive therapy
S.K. Paul
pp. 223-226.
Psychotic dimension---a study with objective tests
H.N. Murthy
pp. 227-234.