Adaptation in Hindi of Maslow's Security-Insecurity Inventory
K.K. Jamuar & S. Singh
An attempt was made to adapt in Hindi Maslow's 75 items inventory. The inventory was translated into Hindi, judged by five judges and items that met the approval of the majority of the judges were retained. Item analysis for item discrimination by chi-square test of difference between the high and low scoring groups led to a rejection of five items. Split half (odd and even) reliability and split-third reliability coefficients ranged from .83 to .89. The test-retest reliability coefficient after an interval of three weeks was .79. For validation, 50 S's each of the after-care home and psychiatric patients were used. Their Mean and Median scores differed significantly from those of the normal S's. Correlation with M.P.I. scales were also found out. The r between insecurity and neuroticism was. 76 and the same between security and extraversion was .27, significant at .0l level. Percentile norms were then worked out for Class IX, Pre-University and B.A. Part II male and female students. The norms revealed consistent sex-difference in favour of the girls.