Call for Abstracts for a Special Issue of Psychologia on
Individual Difference Research on Personality and Emotion

Guest Editor : Yusuke Takahashi Ph.D. (Kyoto University)

Individual differences should not be ignored in psychology research, especially in the research on personality and emotion. The overarching goal of this special issue is then to promote research on focusing on the individual differences in personality and/or emotion. Since the works of James J. Heckman, the global focus of attention has been on detailed investigations on the development and changes in personality and emotion (aka socio-emotional skills). Individual differences in personality and emotion are known to play an important role in a variety of human life domains. However, of course, not all features were understood. In this special issue, the guest editor welcome papers (but abstracts, first; please see below) that are concerned with the still-unknown underlying mechanisms and/or processes of individual differences in personality and emotion, and with novel perspectives on the nature and meaning of individual differences in personality and emotion. This special call for papers on the role of individual difference in personality and emotion in the various settings also encourages the submission of articles aimed toward a substantive understanding of how individual difference in personality and emotion can help explain not only human behaviors but also toward understanding its role in the subjective experience of human daily life.

We hope for this special issue to be a fascinating collection of papers with multiple perspectives on the role of individual differences in personality and emotion, and to include experts from a variety of research background and we strongly encourage from all subdisciplines in psychology. We welcome papers on original empirical work, but theoretical reviews and discussions may also be considered. We are particularly keen to encourage manuscripts that refer to emerging issues in individual differences studies, namely articles focusing on new ideas and breakthroughs in the relevant research field. The guest editor of this special issue will be Dr. Yusuke Takahashi at Kyoto University.

Each abstract will be considered by the guest editor and will evaluate a general contribution to how we understand the role of individual difference in personality and emotion, the methodological and statistical adequateness, and its uniqueness with regard to its perspective on the role of individual difference in personality and emotion. Although we do not expect all abstracts to represent completed work, the guest editor will invite abstracts representing works which are closer to completion. All abstracts should introduce the specific topic and research questions, and report the sample details, methods utilized, statistical analyses undertaken, the (expected) results of your work, and the implications for our understanding of individual difference research topic. All fully invited submissions for this special issue will go through the normal peer-review process. For instructions to potential authors, please see the following web link.

Submitted abstracts should:

  • Be sent electronically as an e-mail attachment in word or PDF document format to the guest editor of the special issue, Dr. Yusuke Takahashi (e-mail address: takahashi.yusuke.3n [a], please replace [a] with @).
  • Be at least 250 words but should not exceed 500 words in the main body of the abstract, excluding references, figures, and tables.
  • Be submitted directly to Dr. Yusuke Takahashi via e-mail by November 16, 2018.
  • Following review of abstracts, authors will be notified by November 30 of 2018 of whether a full paper will be invited for submission. Invited papers will be due on March 31, 2019.