Psycchologia, Vol. 13, No.1 (1970)

Editorial: The XXth International Congress in world history of psychology
pp. 1.

Zen, Tendai Sen and Naikan
K. Sato
pp. 2-4.

Patterns and processes of self-liberation in the Near Eastern Sufism (art of rebirth)
A.R. Arasteh
pp. 5-11.

The theory of personality in the Bhagavad Gita: A study in transpersonal psychology
M.A. Beg
pp. 12-17.
A psychotherapy of neurosis: Morita therapy
M. Miura & S. Usa
pp. 18-34.
Cognitive and personalogical factor patterns for Japanese-American high-school students in Hawaii
P.W. Dixon, N.K. Fukuda & A.E. Berens

pp. 35-41.
Caste Hindu attitudes toward Harijans: A study of inter-caste and urban-rural differences
S.S. Anant
pp. 42-55.
Color-mood associations in young children
T. Yosikawa, T. Yagishita & Y Matsuda
pp. 57-58.
Kyoto psychological sightseeing: III
J. Anzai
pp. 59.


Psychologia, Vol. 13, No. 2-3 (1970)

The process of reflection under the light of modern neuropsychology
A.R. Luria
pp. 61-74.

The concept of nondirective generalized drive
S. Kanear

pp. 75-87.

Social attitudes among Japanese and American teenagers: I. Girls
S. Inomata & E. McGinnies
pp. 88-101.

Belongingness and socialization: A developmental theory of belongingness
S.S. Anant
pp. 102-112.

N/Ach, risk-taking and anxiety as related to age, years of schooling, job-experience and family: Commitment among progressive-traditional, successful-unsuccessful agricultural entrepreneurs of Delhi
N.P. Singh
pp. 113-116.

Verbal conditioning under the activation of the autonomic nervous system
Y. Fukui
pp. 116.
Transformation of social and religious values of different castes
R.C. Dixit & D.D. Sharma

pp. 117-119.
Professor Abraham H. Maslow
M. Myamoto
pp. 120.
GSR and plethysmographic changes during different modes of reference to experiencing: An experimental approach to psychotherapeutic process
N. Kawakami

pp. 121-129.
Interpersonal expectancy effects among Japanese experimenters and subjects
Y. Uno, R. D. Frager, K. Takashima, K.R. Scherer & R. Rosenthal

pp. 130-134.
Zen of Tendai - A study of Tendai-Shikan -
S.J. Sekiguchi
pp. 135-139.
Two cases of Zen awakening (Kensho) experiences: I. Master Shibayama's case
J. Anzai
pp. 140-144.
Theoretical perspectives on psycholinguistics
N.M. Lorber
pp. 145-160.
Prof. Piaget at ICPES in Kyoto
N. Okamoto
pp. 144
For the memory of the late Professor Kanae Sakuma
Y. Akishige
pp. 161-162.


Psychologia, Vol. 13, No. 4 (1970)

An attempt to construct rating scales for the PM functions in discussion groups
J. Misumi, F. Seki & H. Shinohara

pp. 163-180.

Factorial patterns of the Rosenzweig P-F Study
K. Hayashi & T. Ichitani
pp. 181-191.

Influence of teacher training on student's values
S.B. Kakkar


Effects of auditory vs. visual presentation on dot pulse counting
H. Horiuchi

pp. 203-209.

Strategies of high n-Ach persons
J.B.P. Sinha & J. Pandey

pp. 210-216.
Leadership preference as a function of authoritarianism and intolerance of ambiguity
L.L. Bhushan

pp. 217-222.

Values, cognitive width, external-internal control and tendency to increase performance
Y. Rim


How did Piaget participate in the ICPES?
Y. Maki
pp. 227-228.