Psycchologia, Vol. 17, No.1 (1974)

Sex differences in figural after-effects as a function of the phase of the menstrual cycle
K.P. Satinder & L.M. Masutronardi

pp. 1-5.

Attitude structure and change: An experimental study
L. Krishnan

pp. 6-15.

Some characteristics of level of aspiration at university students
T.M. Ghabrial
pp. 16-19.

Dogmatism and educational attitudes
K.C. Soh
pp. 20-24.

Contiguity with versus instrumentality of reinforcement as a condition for liking: A theoretical note
S. Kanekar

pp. 25-27.

A preliminary study of the use of moxacautery for punishment and medical reasons as a discriminant of personality differences in Japanese nationals
P.W. Dixon, R.E. Roper & E.H. Ahern

pp. 28-37.
Mechanisms of motion perception
R. Sekuler & E. Levinson

pp. 38-49.
On geometry of frameless binocular perceptual space
T. Indow

pp. 50-63.


Psychologia, Vol. 17, No. 2 (1974)

Disequilibrium as an essential component of psychological health
G.R. de Grace

pp. 65-70.

Bureaucratic orientation: A cross-cultural study
N. Khalique
pp. 71-74.

Cross-cultural analyses of body-behavior relations: I. A comparison of body build stereotypes of Japanese and American males and females
S. Iwawaki & R.M. Lerner

pp. 75-81.

Dose effects of chlordiazepoxide upon habituation of open-field behavior in white rats
S. Fukuda & S. Iwahara

pp. 82-90.

The validation of a new disturbance test
Y. Rim

pp. 91-93.

Personal correlates of cooperative game behaviour
U. Pareek & N. Dixit
pp. 94-98.
Relationship between prejudice and adjustment
M.B. Sharan & L.W. Karan

pp. 99-102.
Emotional composure under altitude stress
V.M. Sharma, A.S. Baskaran & M.S. Malhotra

pp. 103-107.
Apparent movement and the what-where connection
F. Attneave
pp. 108-120.


Psychologia, Vol. 17, No. 3 (1974)

An essay on the history of Asian psychology
A.R. Gilbert
pp. 121-125.

States of human realization: Some physiological and psychological correlates
R.A.C. Stewart

pp. 126-134.

A comparative study of locus of control
I. Mahler


Unintended experimenter behavior as determinant of experimental results among Japanese experimenters and subjects
Y. Uno, R.D. Frager, K. Takashima, A. Shibamoto & R. Rosenthal

pp. 140-149.

The roles of anticipation and defense mechanism in experimentally induced anxiety
K. Shiomi

pp. 150-158.
Covariance as a principle in perceptual adaptation
H. Wallach & E.W. Flaherty

pp. 159-165.

Inference of causal relations in perception of space and motion
T. Oyama



Psychologia, Vol. 17, No. 4 (1974)

Philosophical psychotherapy
W.S. Sahakian
pp. 179-185.

Short-term memory in patients with left (dominant) frontal lobe lesions
P.M. Hac

pp. 186-192.

Differences in the formation of perceived "warm" and "cold" personality impressions by the influences of verbal cue traits and object-person gestures
P.O. Peretti

pp. 193-201.

Verbal concept attainment: A function of intelligence, task-complexity and instruction

pp. 202-205.

Effects of frequency of intermittent stimuli on time estimation in children and in adults: I. Sounds and lights
F. Matsuda & M. Matsuda

pp. 206-212.
Cognitive factors in spatial responses
W.C. Gogel

pp. 213-225.

Visual perception of rotary motion as transformations of conic sections: A contribution to the theory of visual space perception
G. Johansson
pp. 226-237.