Psychologia, Vol. 47, No.1 (2004)

Is Writing as Much Phonological as Speaking?: Homophone Usage Across Speaking and Writing
C. H. Lee, K. Nam, & J. W. Pennebaker

pp. 1-9.

Emergence of the Understanding of the Otherfs Intention: Re-Enactment of Intended Acts From gFailed-Attemptsh in 12- to 24-Month Olds
W. Sanefuji, K. Hashiya, S. Itakura, & H. Ohgami

pp. 10-17.

The Processing of English Words Ignored in Japanese University Students
S. Ikeda

pp. 18-27.

Accuracy and Precision of Spatial Localization With and Without Saccadic Eye Movements: A Test of the Two-Process Model
M.K. Uddin, Y. Ninose, & S. Nakamizo

pp. 28-34.
The Role of the Phonological Loop in Task Switching Performance: The Effect of Articulatory Suppression in the Alternating Runs Paradigm
E. Saeki & S. Saito

pp. 35-43.

Correlates of Academic Ability Among Part-Time Graduate Students of Education in Hong Kong
J. Sachs

pp. 44-56.

Calls for Papers (gReasoningh, gPsychological Engineering: A Psychophysiological Approachh)
p. 57.


Psychologia, Vol. 47, No.2 (2004)


Guest Editors : Toshio Inui

Editorial for the Special Issue
T. Inui
pp. 59-62.

Intraparietal Bimodal Neurones Delineating Extrinsic Space Through Intrinsic Actions
M. Tanaka, S. Obayashi, H. Yokochi, S. Hihara, M. Kumashiro, Y. Iwamura, & A. Iriki

pp. 63-78.

Transformation Process of the Visuomotor Memory Representation of a Target in Far Space After Body Rotation
C. Yoshida & T. Inui

pp. 79-95.

The Representation of Affect Revealed by Butoh Dance
L. MacFarlane, I. Kulka, & F.E. Pollick

pp. 96-103.
Effects of Gaze Perception on Response to Location or Feature
H. Sasaki, H. Ishi, & J. Gyoba

pp. 104-112.

Gender Differences in Emotional Prosody Processing \ A fMRI Study\
S. Imaizumi, M. Homma, Y. Ozawa, M. Maruishi, & H. Muranaka

pp. 113-124.

Characteristics of the Involvement of the Amygdala in the Recognition of Emotional Expressions: A Review of Neuropsychological Research
W. Sato & T. Murai

pp. 125-142.

Call for Papers ( gPsychological Engineering: A Psychophysiological Approachh)
p. 143.


Psychologia, Vol. 47, No.3 (2004)

Mood-Congruent Encoding Effect in Self- and Other-Referent Judgments
M. Itoh

pp. 145-157.

Factor Structure of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Children Experienced Natural Disaster[Retracted]
S. Bulut

pp. 158-168.

Interference Effects of Possible-Word Constraints (PWC) in Cantonese Speech Segmentation
M. C. W. Yip

pp. 169-177.

Individual Differences in the Irrelevant Speech Effect
M. Miyahara & T. Goshiki

pp. 178-190.
Effects of Criterion Shift on False Memory
Y.-s. Lee & S.-c. Chang

pp. 191-202.

Calls for Papers ( gPsychological Engineering: A Psychophysiological Approachh; gCross-Cultural/Gender Studies on Experiences and Expressions of Emotionh )
p. 203.


Psychologia, Vol. 47, No.4 (2004)


Guest Editors : Hiroshi Yama & Ken I. Manktelow

Editorial for the Special Issue
H. Yama & K. I. Manktelow
pp. 205-206.

The Probability of Conditionals
V Girotto & E N. Johnson-Laird

pp. 207-225.

General Trust and Individual Differences on the Wason Selection Task with Sharing-Rule
K. Hiraishi, J. Ando, Y Ono, & T Hasegawa

pp. 226-237.
Young Children's Conditional Reasoning on the Four-Cards Selection task:
The Influence of Context and Experience
K. Nakamichi

pp. 238-249.

The Effects of Reasoning, Prior Mood, and Personality on Emotion
M. Oaksford, J. Carlile, & S. C. Moore

p. 250-263.

Reasoning and Content: A fundamental Problem in Formulating a Naturalistic Theory of Reasoning
W. L. Lai

p. 264-276.

A Power Struggle: Between- vs. Within-Subjects -Designs in Deductive Reasoning Research
V. A. Thompson & J. I. D. Campbell

p. 277-296.

Calls for Papers ("Psychological Engineering: A Psychophysiological Approach"; "Cross-Cultural/Gender Studies on Experiences and Expressions of Emotion")
p. 297-298.

Table of Contents Vol. XLVII
p. 299.