Psychologia, Vol. 51, No.1 (2008)

Linking Syntax and Inductive Reasoning: Categorical Labeling and Generic Noun Phrases
L Yamauchi

pp. 1-13.
Child and Mother Play in South Korea: A Longitudinal Study Across the Second Year of Life
K. Kwak, D. L. Putnick & M. H. Bornstein

pp. 14-27.

Effects of Individual Differences and Irrelevant Speech on WCST and Stroop Test
T. Goshiki & M. Miyahara

pp. 28-45.

"Like Me" Detection in Infancy: Toward Understanding Other's Mental States
W. Sanefuji

pp. 46-60.
Assessing Identities of University Students In Japan and the United States
H. Watanabe & I. Uchiyama

pp. 61-75.

Output Monitoring Error: Effects of Previously Encoded Action Phrases
E. Sugimori & T. Kusumi

pp. 76-88.

Activation and Deactivation Processes in the Postponed Intention Paradigm
J. J. G. Meilan

pp. 89-97.

Call for Papers ("Psychotherapy in the Changing World and Consciousness")
p. 98.


Psychologia, Vol. 51, No.2 (2008)


Guest Editors : Jun Saiki

Editorial for the Special Issue
J. Saiki
p. 99.

On the Applications of Change Blindness
R. A. Rensink

pp. 100-106.

Short Term Social Attention Triggered by Gaze Cueing: Evidence from Change Detection
K. Ishibashi, N. Ide, T. Nagai, & S. Kita

pp. 107-114.
Non-Persistent Effect of Prior Experience on Change Blindness: Investigation on Naive Observers
K. Takahashi & K. Watanabe

pp. 115-125.

Proofreaders Show a Generalized Ability to Allocate Spatial Attention to Detect Changes
M. Asano, S. Kanaya, & K. Yokosawa

pp. 126-141.

From Change Blindness to Choice Blindness
P. Johansson, L. Hall, & S. Sikstrom

pp. 142-155.

Call for Papers ("Neuroscience on Emotion")
p. 156.


Psychologia, Vol. 51, No.3 (2008)

The Relationship of Participation Motivation to Goal Orientations and Perceived Physical Ability in Brazilian Swimmers
A. de Andrade, A. Salguero, R. Gonzalez-Boto & S. Marquez

pp. 157-169.

Similarities in Form Symbolism Among Various Languages and Geographical Regions
T Oyama, T. Agostini, A. Kamada, S. Markovic, E. Osaka, S. Sakurai, I. Sarmany-Schuller & V. Sarris

pp. 170-184.

Effects of Temporal Judgment on Source Monitoring and Response Bias
E. Sugimori & T. Kusumi

pp. 185-195.
Lexical and Sentential Priming of Ambiguous Words
M. C. W. Yip

pp. 196-205.

Dynamic Gaze Cueing Alters the Perceived Direction of Apparent Motion
Y. Yamada, T. Kawabe, & K. Miura

pp. 206-213.

Interdependent Self-Construal, Competitive Attitudes, Culture and Emotional Reactions on Sadness
I. Fernandez, P. Carrera, D. Paez & F. Sanchez

pp. 214-234.

Call for Papers ("Neuroscience on Emotion", "Learning Science")
p. 235.


Psychologia, Vol. 51, No.4 (2008)


Guest Editors : Toshio Kawai

Editorial for the Special Issue
T. Kawai
pp. 237-238.

On Dissociation as a Psychological Phenomenon
Y. Tanaka

pp. 239-257.
Addiction as a Mark of Adulthood: The Enduring Fascination of Drugs and Alcohol Among Adolescents
A. Guggenbuhl

pp. 258-266.

A Study on the New Paradigm in Collaborations Between Teachers and School Counselors
T. Kuwabara, H. Sudo, C. Hatanaka, M. Nishijima, K. Morita, C. Hasegawa, & Y. Oyama

pp. 267-279.
Learning Science Where Cognitive Neuroscience Meets Psychotherapy
H. Ito, N. Kubo-Kawai, M. Fukushima, R. Sawada, & N. Masataka

pp. 280-289.

Culture, Self, and Subjective Well-Being: Cultural Psychological and Social Change Perspectives
L. Lu

pp. 290-303.
The Dilemmas of the `Quality of Life' Concept in Psychological Practice
C. A. Laranjeira

pp. 304-318.
Call for Papers ("Learning Science")
p. 319.

Table of Contents Vol. LI
p. 320