Psychologia, Vol. 52, No.1 (2009)

The Processing-Storage Relationship in Working Memory Span: From a Perspective of a Representation-Based Interference View
Y. Maehara & S. Saito

pp. 1-12.
The Effect of Task Experience, Long-Term Dietary Restriction and Aging on Performance in Reference and Working Memory Tasks: A Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional Design Study
S. Yanai & H. Okaichi

pp. 13-24.
Perceptual Experience and Temporal Tivo Stages in Flash Suppression for Contour Rivalry
K. Ikeda, Y. Ogata, & T. Morotomi

pp. 25-40.
Self Initiated Use of Thought Substitution can Lead to Long Term Forgetting
C. Hotta & J. Kawaguchi

pp. 41-49.

Emergence of Form and Function in a Visual Image Combination
M. Kuramori, T. Iwaki, & T. Kusumi

pp. 50-66.

Development and Validation of a Chinese Version of the Self-Concept Clarity Scale
J. Wu & D. Watkins

pp. 67-79.

The Role of the Central Executive in Associative Learning
T. Sasaki

pp. 80-90.


Psychologia, Vol. 52, No.2 (2009)


Guest Editors : Hideki Ohira

Editorial for the Special Issue: Neuroscience on Emotion
H. Ohira
pp. 91-92.
Medial Prefrontal Cortex and Cognitive Regulation
T. Nakao, T. Takezaea, M. Miyatani. & H. Ohira

pp. 93-109.
A Theoretical Proposal for Late Luteal Phase Behavioural Changes in an Evolutionary Context
A. Vieira

pp. 110-117.
The Feature Integration Theory and Emotions: Time for Revision
N. Khetrapal

pp. 118-121.
Effect of Emotional Distracters on Cognitive Decision-Making in Cambridge Gambling Task
K. Mochizuki & S. Funahashi

pp. 122-136.
Venurolateral Prefrontal Cortex Activity During Reward-Punishment Go/Nogo task: A Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study
K. Masui, M. Kashino, & M. Nomura

pp. 137-146.
Monkeys Exhibit Preference for Biologically Non-Significant Visual Stimuli
M. Takebayashi & S. Funahashi

pp. 147-161.
Call for Papers(gInteractions Within and Between Psychological Sciencesh)
p. 162.


Psychologia, Vol. 52, No.3 (2009)

The Role of Rape Myth Acceptance and Belief in a Just World on Victim Blame Attribution: A Study in Japan
N. Yamawaki

pp. 163-174.
Perceptual Distortions of Visual Illusions in Children with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder
R. Ishida, Y. Kamio, & S. Nakamizo

pp. 175-187.
Facilitation of Gaze-Triggered Attention Orienting by a Fearful Expression and Its Relationship to Anxiety
S. Uono, W. Sato, C. Michimata, S. Yoshikawa, & M. Toichi

pp. 188-197.
Non-Selective Access of Phonology by Korean-Chinese Bilinguals
Y. Lee & C. W. Lee

pp. 198-208.
Is There a Developmental Difference in Recognizing Harm Through Action and Inaction (Commission and Omission) Based on First-Order Mental States?
H. Hayashi

pp. 209-218.
Call for Papers(“Interactions Within and Between Psychological Sciences”)
p. 219.


Psychologia, Vol. 52, No.4 (2009)


Guest Editors : Nobuo Masataka

Editorial for the Special Issue: What is Learning Science?
N. Masataka

pp. 221-223.
Learning Gaze Direction Perception - An Investigation by Behavioral and Neurocomputational Approaches
H. Doi, K. Ueda, & K. Shinohara

pp. 224-234.
Are Children With Developmental Disorders Delayed in Learning "Thetory of Mind"?
S. Ogawa, M. Fukushima, A. Tamura, & H. Ito

pp. 235-244.
Developmental Changes of Strategies to Regulate Emotional Expression in Childhood
A. Tamura

pp. 245-252.
Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward People with Disabilities and Effects of the Internal and External Sources of Motivation to Moderate Prejudice
T. Kurita & T. Kusumi

pp. 253-260.
Improving the Cognitive Skills of Hearing Children by Short Term Intensive Sign Language Training
S. Ogawa, H. Ito, & N. Masataka

pp. 261-266.
Training for Special Mora Perception in Non-Native Japanese Students Learning Japanese
Y. Kiyonaga, H. Ito, & N. Masataka

pp. 267-276.
Call for Papers(gInteractions Within and Between Psychological Sciencesh)
p. 277.
Table of Contents Vol. LII
p. 278.