Psycchologia, Vol. 10, No.1 (1967)

Neuropsychology and its significance for behavioral sciences and medicine
A.R. Luria
pp. 1-6.

Tachistoscopic recognition of Japanese letter materials in left and right visual fields
K. Hirata & R. Osaka

pp. 7-18.

Youth problems and adolescent psychology in Japan
H. Tsuru
pp. 19-24.

Moral and religious development in childhood and youth
R.M. Loomba
pp. 25-32.
The psychological study on the improvement of teaching method --on the child and group-centered method--
S. Komuro
pp. 33-40.
The divinity of man (II)
M.L. Harris
pp. 41-47.
Personality needs of engineering and medical students
S.K. Pal
pp. 48-49.
International Conference on Social Psychological Research in Developing Countries
pp. 32.


Psychologia, Vol. 10, No. 2 (1967)

History of parapsychology in Japan
S. Otani
pp. 51-57.

Autoplastie et alloplastie
A. Vexliard

pp. 58-68.

Some pharmacological properties of homofenazine
S. Iwahara, T. Iwasaki, A. Shioya, M. Kakimoto, M. Takato & Y. Noda

pp. 69-88.

Some recent trends and prospects of psychological research in the German Democratic Republic
F. Klix
pp. 89-92.

A note on Piagetian studies in Japan
T. Iritani
pp. 93-96.

A Rorschach study of doctors
N. Arundale & S. Chandra
pp. 97-100.
Zen of a communist
K. Sato
pp. 101-112.
International Directory of Psychologists (2.ed.)
pp. 103.


Psychologia, Vol. 10, No. 3-4 (1967)

pp. 105.

Eleven years of Psychologia
pp. 106.

Messages of congratulation
G.W. Allport, W. Metzger, C.H. Graham

Existentialism and integrity therapy
H.O. Mowrer
pp. 109-117.

Memories of Dr. D.T. Suzuki
E. Fromm
pp. 118-120.
From Buddha to Pavlov : a technique of mysticism
A.R. Gilbert
pp. 121-128.

D.T. Suzuki, Zen and LSD25
K. Sato

Zen, autogenic training and hypnotism
Akira Onda
pp. 133-136.
The genesis and meaning of "antisocial" conduct
Noel Mailloux
pp. 137-143.
A cross-cultural study of the feminine role concept between Japanese and American college women
T. Inagaki

pp. 144-154.
The late Professor Torao Obonai and his psychological works
T. Kaneko
pp. 186-188.
Rorschach's test as an instrument in determining attitudes and adaptive traits in a group of "Nisei" (Japanese immigrants' sons) in Brazil
E. Ramos
pp. 155-158.
Psychiatric research in Micronesia
M. Miura & M. Murakami
pp. 159-166.
Behavior ratings as an index of motivation
D. Sinha
pp. 167-176.
Reward anal task-orientation in human learning
J. Nuttin
pp. 177-185.
Semantic effects in perceptual judgments
S. Kakizaki

pp. 187-196.
Some quantitative aspects of simultaneous color contrast
M. Akita

pp. 197-209.
Two apparatus arrangements for the study of real movement
C.H. Graham, B. Mates & R. Shlaer
pp. 210-212.
The effects of the auditory stimuli on visual perception of apparent median plane
-- A developmental study of sensory interaction : I --
T. Toshima
pp. 213-216.
How can young psychologist select significant problems for his Ph.D. dissertation research
G. Murphy
pp. 217-222.
Psychological activities at the University of the Ryukyus, the National Taiwan University and Taiwan Normal University
S. Iwahara
pp. 223-224.
The present status of psychological activities in Korea
S. Takahashi
pp. 225-226.
The seventy-seventh birthday of Prof. Momoshige Miura
K. Sato
pp. 165.