Psycchologia, Vol. 16, No.1 (1973)

The origin and evolution of the term "psychology"
F.H. Laapointe
pp. 1-16.

Effects of neonatal sex hormones on sex-based cognitive abilities in the white rat
J.L.M. Dawson, Y.M. Cheung & Lau R.T.S.

pp. 17-24.

Averaged evoked potentials in active and passive attention
A. Yagi & A. Ohtani

pp. 25-29.

Relationship between EEG alpha-frequency and ability of tapping
K. Shiomi

pp. 30-33.

Dogmatism, sex-role identification and science
K.C. Soh
pp. 34-37.

A preliminary study of the use of moxacautery for punishment and medical reasons as a discriminant of personality differences in Japanese nationals
P.W. Dixon, R.E. Roper & E.H. Ahern
pp. 28-37.
Self-drawing as a possible indicator of some non-intellectual aspects
M. Shinha
pp. 38-42.
Extraversion and variability in aesthetic preference of children
V. Mohan
pp. 43-45.
Two measures of risk-taking in India
S.M.A. Yousuf
pp. 46-48
Neuroticism, extraversion as determiners of effect of distraction on psychomotor performance
J. Mohan & N. Munjal
pp. 49
Mishima's suicide: A psycho-cultural analysis
J.L. Kristeller
pp. 50-59


Psychologia, Vol. 16, No. 2 (1973)

Self-esteem, social-esteem and conformity behaviour
U.P. Singh & T. Prasad

pp. 61-68.

Misconceptions about human behavior: A cross-cultural study among students in Thailand and the United States
H.W. Gardiner & J. Wohl

pp. 70-74.

Cross-cultural invariance of the California Psychological Inventory
T. Nishiyama

pp. 75-84.

Backgrounds and suicidal behaviors of committed suicides among Kyoto University students: II
K. Ishii

pp. 85-97.

Effects of item imagery in paired associate learning
M. Mitsuda

pp. 98-109.

The psychophysiological principle and the Prajna Paramita
D. Kiefer
pp. 110-114.
A new binocular electronic scanning pupillometer
pp. 115-120.


Psychologia, Vol. 16, No. 3 (1973)

The manner of giving: Cross-national continuities in reactions to aid
K.J. Gergen, S.J. Morse & J.L. Kristeller
pp. 121-131.

The question on skin color and its relation to Japan
F.J. Goldberg

pp. 132-146.

Harijans' perception on their status: A study in Andhra Pradesh (India)
S.S. Anant


Effects of overtraining on conditional discrimination shifts
T. Sugimura & Y. Hirose

pp. 154-158.

Personality correlates of ESP
R.L. Terry & J.K. Kramer

pp. 159-163.
Adverbs of frequency in Chinese and English
M.M. McCoy

pp. 164-173.

A parental attitude scale in Chinese
A.K.F. Li

Notes on the emerging science of consciousness
S. Kubose

pp. 177-178


Psychologia, Vol. 16, No. 4 (1973)

Cognition and motivation: Modern aspects of an ancient problem
H. Thomae

pp. 179-190.

A study of the self-concepts of adolescent stutterers
V. Wallen
pp. 191-200.

Vocational rehabilitation counseling of the epileptic
W.P. Angers & J.E. Haffly
pp. 201-208.

Locus of control in students from Japan and the United States: Dimensions and levels of response
M.H. Bond & L.G. Tornatzky

pp. 209-213.

Adaptation in Hindi of Maslow's Security-Insecurity Inventory
K.K. Jamuar & S. Singh

pp. 214-217.
Evaluative response and certainty of its accuracy as a function of proportion of positive information
R. Singh

pp. 218-223.

KFAE: Satiation or reactive inhibition? An experimental investigation
S.N. Rai

pp. 224-229.
Dermo-optical sensitivity in rats
P.O. Peretti & T. A. Hay

pp 230-234.