Psychologia, Vol. 20, No.1 (1977)

Psychological Antecedents to Piagetian Concepts
S. Phillips

pp. 1-14.

Verbal and Perceptual Facilitation in Intermediate-Size Transposition of Kindergarten Children
N. Kitao

pp. 15-19.

Delayed Visual Feedback in Inter-Operator Social Tracking Performance
H.S.R. Kao & K.U. Smith

pp. 20-27.

Parental Tolerance of Aggression: Perceptions of Preadolescents in Thailand
H.W. Gardiner & C.S. Suttipan

pp. 28-32.

Factors in the Perception of Crowding and the Relationship of Crowding to Personal Space
O. Iwata

pp. 33-37.

Effect of Partner's Response and Communication on Competitive and Cooperative Game Behaviour
U. Pareek & N. Dixit

pp. 38-48.

Parental Behaviour and Perceived by the Authoritarian and Non-Authoritarian College Students
H. Ojha

pp. 49-53.


Psychologia, Vol. 20, No. 2 (1977)

Anxiety as a Factor of Autonomic Arousal in Instrumental Control of Skin Temperature
H. Hama, Y. Kawamura, H. Mine & Y. Matsuyama

pp. 55-63.

An Experimental Condition for Creative Aspects of Morphemic use: Number of Experienced Exemplars
H. Nagata

pp. 64-73.

Personality Factors Predicting Creativity Profiles
K. Patel

pp. 74-82.

Topological Approaches to Anthropology
M. Abbe

pp. 83-88.

Development of Personal Space Schemata among Japanese in Late Childhood
S. Iwasaki, R.M. Lerner & T. Chihara

pp. 89-97.

On Stratum Factor Structure: Containing the Critics and Theorizing of Semantic Differential Method
Y. Murakami

pp. 98-106.

Personality and Attitudinal Correlates of Ability to Increase Alpha Production in EEG Biofeedback Training
K. Zirkel, R.A.C. Stewart & C. Preston

pp. 107-110.

Sex-Role Preferences among Young Children of Rural and Urban Social Groups
R.C. Dixit & S. Gupta

pp. 111-119.


Psychologia, Vol. 20, No. 3 (1977)

Alaskan Eskimo Hand, Eye, Auditory Dominance and Cognitive Style
J.L.M. Dawson

pp. 121-135.

Animal Hypnosis and Human Hypnosis: New Experimental Evidence Relating to an Old Controversy
H.B. Gibson

pp. 136-144.

Functional Hemisphere Asymmetries in an Inferential Thought Task
T. Hatta


Features of Recognition Tasks in Encoding Specificity: Types of Frequency Associates in Extralist Cue Words and Types of Recognition Tasks
H. Tajika

pp. 151-158.

Effects of Magnesium Pemoline on Pattern Discrimination Learning in Young Rats
S. Noguchi & S. Iwahara

pp. 159-162.

Induced Perceptual Vigilance Behaviour and the Reduction of Uncertainty
C.B. Dwivedl & I.L. Singh

pp. 163-171.

A Study of Achievement Motive in Relation to Prolonged Deprivation
A.N. Tiwari & G. Misra


Perceived Velocity of Radial Motion in Stroboscopic Illumination
T.S. Aiba

pp. 180-189.


Psychologia, Vol. 20, No. 4 (1977)

Backgrounds and Suicidal Behaviors of Committed Suicides among Kyoto University Students (III)
K. Ishii

pp. 191-205.

The CNV: An Electrocortical Sign of Attention Or Arousal
G.H. Blowers

pp. 206-217.

Children's Sorting Behavior and Conceptual Ability: A Supplementary Report
T. Sugimura & Y. Sato

pp. 217-220.

Sharing Behaviour in Children as a Function of Model Generosity and Vicarious Reinforcement
P. Gupta & P. Bhargava

pp. 221-225.

Social-Class Interaction in the Language Effectiveness of Bright Secondary School Students
A.K. Srivastava

pp. 226-233.

Sex-Differences in Caste-Prejudice
R.N. Prasad & S.N. Singh

pp. 234-236.

Rote or Concept Learning as a Function of set and Difficulty
R. Hoosain

pp. 237-240.