Psychologia, Vol. 28, No.1 (1985)

On the Origin of Altruism and Charitable Behavior Conceptions: Chosen Ancient Sources as a Contribution to Prosocial Behavior Theory
W.T. Poplawski

pp. 1-10.

A Cross-Cultural Study of Attitudes to Women, Just World, and Locus of Control Beliefs
A. Furnham & R. Karani

pp. 11-20.

The Assessment of Visual Cues in Infant Cries by Normal and by Deaf Persons
G. Morsbach, M.Haekker & J. Mullin

pp. 21-28.

Religious Attitudes and Perceptions of Justice
V. Murphy-Berman, J.J. Berman, A. Pachauri & P. Kumar

pp. 29-34.

Interpretation of the Gurung Dreams
M.P. Regmi

pp. 35-45.

Control of Variables Affecting the Lexical Decision Task
J.N. Mitchell & R. Okada

pp. 46-54.

Effects of Inserted Question Aids and Experimenter Provided Perspectives on Text Memory
M. Mitsuda, K. Kurisu & C. Takeichi

pp. 55-64.

Children's Conservation and Relational Learning in a Redundant-Oddity Task.
T. Sugimura

pp. 65-68.


Psychologia, Vol. 28, No. 2 (1985)

The Japanese Mind as Reflected in their Mythology
H. Kawai

pp. 71-76.

Buddhism and Psychotherapy
Y. Yamanaka

pp. 77-89.

Self-Awakening Psychotherapy for Neurosis: Attaching Importance to Oriental Thought, Especially Buddhist Thought
K. Kishimoto

pp. 90-100.

Buddhism and psychotherapy in the world today
S. Muramoto

pp. 101-114.

The Comparative Theory of Religion: The Symbolism of the Mountain in the Japanese Folk Religion and Buddhism
H. Yokoyama

pp. 115-127.


Psychologia, Vol. 28, No. 3 (1985)

Parental Organization of Children's Cognitive Development within Home Environment
J. Valsiner

pp. 131-143.

Adolescent Self-concept in Transitional Societies: Lmplications for Counselling in Nigeria
A.A. Olowu

pp. 144-149.

Environmental Deprivation and Development of Mnemonic Competence in Children
A. Shukla


Osgood's Naturalness Principle in Cognizing and Sentencing of Stative Relations
H. Nagata

pp. 157-165.

Openness-Closeness of Environmental Entity, Sex and Age: Determinants of Locus of Control
R. Bhattacharya & M.G. Husain

pp. 166-172.
The Ingroup and Its Relevance to Individual Behaviour: A Study of Collectivism and Individualism
J. Verma

pp. 173-181.

Comments on a Model of Japanese Kana Processing
R. Okada


Reply to the Comments on the Model of Lexical Representation of Japanese Kana Words Processing
T. Hatta


Psychologia, Vol. 28, No. 4 (1985)

An Overview of the Therapeutic Effects of Meditation
M. Delmonte & V. Kenny

pp. 189-202.

Younger Children's Understanding of the Counting Principles
T. Chihara

pp. 203-215.

The Development of Colour-Naming in Four- to Seven-Year Old Children: A Cross-Cultural Study
E.G. Johnson & T. Tomiie

pp. 216-227.

The Child's Representation of his Family in Kinetic Family Drawings (KFD): A Cross-Cultural Comparison
L.F. Cabacungan

pp. 228-236.

The Relationship of Self-Control to Psychological Health and Social Desirability: Toward the Development of Normative Scales for a Clinical Assessment Inventory Based on a Control Model of Health
D.H. Shapiro, Jr

pp. 237-248.
Relationship of Marriage-Role Attitude with Dependence Proneness and Insecurity in University Students
H. Ojha & R.R. Singh

pp. 249-253.