Psycchologia, Vol. 11, No.1-2 (1968)

pp. 1-2.

Zen from a personological viewpoint
K. Sato
pp. 3-24.

On the unconscious, the self and the therapy: A dialogue
C.G. Jung & S. Hisamatsu
pp. 25-32.

An experiments in experiential aproaches to personality
H.M. Chiang
pp. 33-39.
Sex and the self
C. Moustakas
pp. 40-42.
Studies on constancy problem in Japan: IIA
Y. Akishige
pp. 43-55.
Effects of the auditory stimulus on the heart rate response in expectancy
H. Shimizu
pp. 56-58.
Relationship between the ego functioning and the phenomenal self: A study on psychological integration for adjustment
K. Saito

pp. 59-66.
Intellectual ability of underachievers
N. Murakawa

pp. 67-80.
Attitudes study in Uttar-Pradesh: Northern India
P. Joshi

pp. 81-85.
Inhibitory and disinhibitory effects of models on sex-inappropriate behavior in children
A. Kobasigawa

pp. 86-96.
Professor Wolfgang Kohler: Some personal impressions and remarks concerning his outstanding contribution to psychological science
T. Iritani
pp. 97-100.
Educational and vocational guidance in Japan
K. Fujimoto
pp. 101-113
The first International Conference on Social-Psychological Research
U. Pareek
pp. 114-121.
Psychology in Thailand
H.W. Gardiner
pp. 122-124.
The Tenth Volume of Psychocogia Commemoration Party
pp. 42.


Psychologia, Vol. 11, No. 3-4 (1968)

Professor Gordon Willard Allport (1897-1967)
K. Sato
pp. 125-126.

Studies on constancy problem in Japan: IIB.
Y. Akishige
pp. 127-138.

Experimental study on right-left problems in visual balance
K. Hirata

pp. 139-142.

The question of achievement in the Japanese American: A comment on cross-cultural research
M.P. Maloney
pp. 143-158.

A multivariate study of learning during initial stage of practice on mirror tracing task in relation to manifest anxiety
B.N. Mukherjee

pp. 159-167.

Zen, education and Japanese culture - Some thoughts -
B. Laffan
pp. 168-174.
Entering the world of Zen - Two remarkable experiences in my life -
S. Ando
pp. 175-178.
Merita therapy and Seiza
K. Yokoyama

pp. 179-184.
Beyond the ego: I
I. Aird

pp. 185-190.
Personality variables in making a choice
Y. Rim & N. Cohen

pp. 191-197.
Test for the diagnosis of psychosomatic disease in infants
M. Takashima
pp. 198-200.
Psychology in the Philippines
G.M. Guthrie & J. Bulatao,S.J.
pp. 201-206.
Impressions of psychology in India
R.W. Kilby
pp. 207-210.
Some relationships of creativity with intelligence and personality variables
O. Iwata

pp. 211-220.
Expression of anger among Thais: Some preliminary findings
H.W. Gardiner

pp. 221-228.