Psycchologia, Vol. 12, No.1 (1969)

Editorial: International conference and international language
pp. 1-2.

Analytic thinking and synthetic thinking - a research through perception -
H. Sawa
pp. 3-16.

S-S relations in psychophysics and R-R correlations in phenomenology
T. Oyama
pp. 17-23.

Respiratory and EEG changes by cotention of Trigant Burrow
K. Shiomi

pp. 24-28.
Autonomy and deviance
S. Shibano
pp. 29-40.
A successful motivation of accounting machine operators
H. Ishizu
pp. 41-48.
Field dependence and the Raven's Progressive Matrices
C.G. Pande & S. Kothari

pp. 49-51.
Improvement in choice reaction time as a function of varying frequency of KR
V. Mohan

pp. 52-54.
Differences of the ego, as demanded in psychotherapy, in the East and West
C.Y. Chung
pp. 55-58.
Interaction between flash and click stimuli in relation to response system of different signal meaning
N. Sakano



Psychologia, Vol. 12, No. 2 (1969)

Professor Torao Obonai (1899-1968)
pp. 63-64.

The influence upon memory of posthypnotic suggestions of amnesia and facilitation
T. Saito

pp. 65-73.

Diagnosis and treatment in Oriental medicine
S. Masunaga
pp. 74-80.

R. Ishida
pp. 81-92.

Free recall learning and cognitive development in children
R. Yukawa

pp. 93-106.

Conference on voluntary control of internal states
E.E. Green & A.M. Green
pp. 107-108.
Expressed motive of entrepreneurship in an Indian town
U. Pareek & V.K. Kumar
pp. 109-114.
Sex difference on verbal and performance tests of intelligence at different class grades VII, IX, XI
P.S. Hundal

pp. 115-120.
An experimental study of prestige-suggestion in secured and insecured persons
K. Verma & J.N. Sinha
pp. 121-123.
Toranosuke Oguma The worlds of dream and the abormal
pp. 124.


Psychologia, Vol. 12, No. 3-4 (1971)

Prof. Jasoers on Zen
K. Sato

pp. 125-128.

Reciprocity and the asymmetric principle: An analytical reappraisal of the Japanese concept of On
T.S. Lebra

pp. 129-138.

Identifying the mystic variable
A.R. Gilbert

A note an Eastern counterpart of Frankl's paradoxical intention
J.R. Noonan
pp. 147-149.

Self-concept variables of delinquent boys from intact homes and broken homes
R.H. Song

pp. 150-152.
Stereotypes among Hindu subcastes: An interperceptual analysis
U.P. Singh

pp. 153-160.

Elimination of children's fears of animals by the method of experimental desensitization: An application of learning theory to child psychology
J. Kuroda

Development of language in early childhood
Y. Kuniya

pp. 166-174.
A formal model of syncretism in musical scale
M. Kitahara
pp. 175-178.
Cardiac activity during anticipatory attention in the young child
J.R.M. Goyeche
pp. 179-185.
The late Professor Torao Obonai and his psychological works
T. Kaneko
pp. 186-188.
Mathematical learning theories
R. Ardila

pp. 189-204.
An electroencephalographic study on the Zen meditation (Zazen)
A. Kasamatsu & T. Hirai
pp. 205-226.
A comparison of vocational interests at different levels in schools in Japan and a comparison with United States counterparts
H. Geist
pp. 227-231.
Communication nets in the sequential adoption process
Y.P. Singh & U.Pareek
pp. 232-246.
Kyoto Psychological sightseeing(1)(2)(3)
J. Anzai
pp. 159, 204.
Necrology: Shichiro Takei (1903-1968)
Koji Sato
pp. 231.