Psycchologia, Vol. 15, No.1 (1972)

Research psycnoiogists in Japanese universities and institutes-I
pp. 1-14.

Field studies in foreign cultures : A cautionary note on methodological difficulties
D.Y.-f. Ho

pp. 15-21.

Zen Buddhism and psychoanalysis: A bibliography essay
N. Haimes
pp. 22-30.

Communicating information on epilepsy
S.M. Rosenthal, J.E. Hafdly & W.P. Angers
pp. 31-40.
An attempt to measure masculinity-femininity index in Japan
Y. Nogami
pp. 41-45.
Observations of the behavior of Japanese kindergarten children
L.M. Carmichael & R.S. Carmichael

pp. 46-52.
Effects of auditory distraction on the time-estimation by verbal estimation method
S.N. Rai

pp. 53-56.
Changes in the inter-caste attitudes of the students
R.C. Dixit & V. Gupta

pp. 57-58.
Dogmatism, training and enjoyment of Western classical music
K.C. Sou

pp. 59-64.


Psychologia, Vol. 15, No. 2 (1972)

Research psycnoiogists in Japanese universities and institutes-II
pp. 65-75.

Accuracy in person perception
S. Kanekar

pp. 76-88.

J. Mohan

pp. 89-94.

Relationship of perceived culture influence to informally learned cultural behaviors, interaction distances, among Sansei Japanese and Caucasians in Hawaii: A study of acculturation
D. Engebretson
pp. 95-100.

Some experiments on instrumental modification of autonomic responses
K. Hamano & T. Okita

pp. 101-109.

Two concentration methods: A preliminary comparison
J.R.M. Goyeche, T. Chihara & H. Shimizu
pp. 110-111.
Risk-taking, risk-avoidance and fear of failure in villagers
N.P. Chaubey & D. Sinha
pp. 112-121.
Sleep deprivation and human performance
C.N. Daftuar & J. Sinha

pp. 122-126.


Psychologia, Vol. 15, No. 3 (1972)

Semantics and Zen
R. Berkman

pp. 127-136.

Backgrounds and suicidal behaviors of committed suicides among Kyoto University students
K. Ishii

pp. 137-148.

Electro-oculograph researches in Japan
A. Ohtani


Analysis of information processing of art
H. Kawano
pp. 156-166.

Computer application to error factor analysis in learning
M. Matsuda & F. Matsuda

pp. 167-174.
Risk-taking among agricultural and business entrepreneurs of Delhi
N.P. Singh & K. Singh

pp. 175-180.

Semantic responses to sound during performance
O. Iwata


Psychologia, Vol. 15, No. 4 (1972)

Research psycnoiogists in Japanese universities and institutes-III
pp. 191-197.

The individual psychology of Alfred Adler
R.L. Friedberg, J.E. Haffly & W.P. Angers
pp. 198-206.

Pattern perception among Japanese as a function of pattern uncertainty and age
S. Iwawaki & D.E.Clement

pp. 207-212.

Tacit communication between Japanese experimenters and subjects
Y. Uno & R. Rosenthal

pp. 213-222.

Judgment of successive order of click and flash stimuli by motor and verbal responses and its relation to laterality difference
N. Sakano

pp. 223-231.
The analytical study of speed components in intelligence test with time-limits: Proposition of a new approach to the speed and power problem
K. Miyajima

pp. 232-239.

Perception of penetration of body-image-boundary in schizophrenia
T.R. Shukla
pp. 240-242.
Performance of real and nominal groups on a multiple-solution anagrams task
S. Kanekar

pp 243-246.