Psychologia, Vol. 26, No.1 (1983)

Relationships Between Functional Asymmetry of the Hemispheres, Subliminal Perception and Some Defence Mechanisms in Various Experimental Settings
I. Barkoczi, L. Sera & A. Komlosi

pp. 1-20.

Hand-Eye Dominance, Cognitive Style, and Reversing: Geometric Illusion Susceptibility
J.L.M. Binnie-Dawson & D.C.M. Wong

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Politeness and Second Language Acquisition
S. Tanaka & S. Kawabe

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Disadvantages of Caste and Schooling and Development of Category Organization Skill
S. Agrawal & R.C. Mishra

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The Vedic Psychology of the Bhagavad-Gita
M.C. Dillbeck

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Psychologia, Vol. 26, No. 2 (1983)

Attitudes and Experiences of Japanese Mothers Concerning the Period of Childbirth
G. Morsbach

pp. 73-85.

Stress Reduction Through Lifestyle
A. Gilbert

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Homographs and Context Effects on Visual Target Information Processing
V.B. Dauphin & C. Izawa

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Selective Memorization as a Function of Intensity of Voice Presenting Items
I. Watanabe

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Field Independence, Science Achievement and Intelligence
R.G. Chatterjea & B. Paul

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A Study of Achievement Motivation as Related to Religion and Caste
M. Sinha & H. Ojha

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Relationship Between Sex-Role Orientation and Self-Esteem in Indian College Females
A.S. Sethi & N. Bala

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Psychologia, Vol. 26, No. 3 (1983)

Zen Buddhism and Psychological Science
K.J. Gergen
pp. 129-141.

A Factor Analytic Study of Perceived Characteristics of Person, Man, and Woman with High and Low Psychological Health: Relationship to a Model of Control
D.H. Shapiro,Jr
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Effects of Up-Down Reversed Vision and Left-Right Reversed Vision on Walking Tasks
H. Yoshimura & M. Ohkura


Value Similarity and Friendship: A Study of Interpersonal Attraction
A. Husain & A. Kureshi

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Oddity Performance and the Perception of Relational Information
S. Soraci,Jr., V.S. Alpher, C.W. Deckner & R.L. Blanton

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The Effects of Verbal Reinforcement Combinations on Children's Moral Judgments in the Direct, Vicarious, and Double Reinforcement Situations
K. Tamase

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Memorization of Classical Chinese
R. Hoosain


Psychophysiological Monitoring of Lifestyle
R. Coppola

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Psychologia, Vol. 26, No. 4 (1983)

A Study on Basic Color Terms: Lexico-Semantic Development in Japanese-English Bilinguals in New York
A. Tanaka & H. Mizuno

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Click Monitoring and the Perceptual Segmentation of Speech Sequences
K. Fukuda

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Relation of Intelligence to Neuroticism Among School-Going Children, Slum Children and the Inmates of a Detention Home
S. Chatterji & M. Mukerjee

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Testing the Vedic Psychology of the Bhagavad-Gita
M.C. Dillbeck

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Short-term Recognition memory for Pictures and Words: A Dual Coding Interpretation
A.K. Srivastava & A.K. Purohit

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Hemispheric Processing of Binocular Retinal Disparity
K. Shimono, M. Kondo, K. Shibuta & S. Nakamizo

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The Development of Personality as Related to the Marital Status in Nepalese Culture as Revealed by the Rorschach Responses
S. Thapa

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Ecology and Sex as Determinants of Motivation and Personality
R. Bhattacharya & G. Bhardwaj

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