Psychologia, Vol. 33, No.1 (1990)

Trends in the Psychological Studies of Reading in Japan
S. Fukuzawa, M. Onose, Y. Fukuda & K. Nishitani

pp. 1-20.

Behaviorally Signaled Awakenings During a Nocturnal Sleep in Humans: The Special Preference to REM Sleep and Their Coupling with NREM/REM Cycle
T. Hono, K. Matsunaka, Y. Hiroshige, Y. Miyata

pp. 21-28.

Bilingual Semantic Merging and Socio-Political Environment
R. Hoosain

pp. 29-35.

Patterns of Psychological and Physiological Responses for Common Affects Elicited by Films
I. Uchiyama, T. Hanari, T. Ito, K. Takahashi, T. Okuda, T. Goto & K. Tsuji

pp. 36-41.

Effects of Syntactic Structure of a Sentence in Word Naming
K. Fukuda

pp. 42-49.

The Concept of Self in the Bhagavad-Gita and in the Vedic Psychology of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: A Further Note on Testability
M.C. Dillbeck

pp. 50-56.

Evaluation of Political Concepts of Malaysian Chinese and Singaporean Chinese Students Studying in U.S.A. and by Their American Counterparts
G. Koay & S. Slak

pp. 57-62.

Mechanism of Perception and Brain-Computer Model
N.R. Mitra & A.K. Mishra

pp. 63-72.


Psychologia, Vol. 33, No. 2 (1990)

George Kelly's Personal Construct Theory: Some Comparisons with Freudian Theory
M.M. Delmonte

pp. 73-83.

Hemispheric Function of Japanese Abacus Masters: An Examination by Electroencephalograph
T. Hatta & F. Yamada

pp. 84-90.

The Effects of Task Relevancy on Event-Related Brain Potentials Elicited by Infrequently Presented Nonwords and Semantically Deviant words
J. Katayama, Y. Miyata & A. Yagi

pp. 91-99.

Maternal Responses to Expressed Distress of Chinese Children Hospitalised for Elective Surgery
R. Fielding & F.S.H. Tam

pp. 100-105.

Moral Development and the Ability to Fake in a Moral Judgment Test Among Chinese Adolescents
K.T. Hau

pp. 106-111.

Factors Underlying Preschool Children's Task Choices
S. Tanaka

pp. 112-117.

Physical Factors of Mate Selection: Testing Assortative Mating Theory
A. Husain & Firdous

pp. 118-122.

Some Antecedents of Mate Selection: An Experimental Study on Perception of Spouse
H.C. Suman

pp. 123-127.
A Japanese Perspective on Crowding: How Well Have the Japanese Adjusted to High Density?
M. Homma

pp. 128-137.


Psychologia, Vol. 33, No. 3 (1990)

Breathing, Health and Cosmic Consciousness
T. Kuroda

pp. 139-146.

The Measurement of Control and Self-Control: Background, Rationale, and Description of a Control Content Analysis Scale
D. Shapiro & D.E. Bates

pp. 147-162.

Sitting, Laboring, and Changing: A Critical Examination of the Indigenous Japanese Psychotherapies
J.H. Nathan

pp. 163-170.

Experimental Study on Geometrical Illusions Presented Under Special Environment: I. Effects of Continuous and Intermittent Presentations of a Homogeneously Illuminated Hemisphere Background
T. Goto, K. Kohmura, K. Teramoto, K. Ohya, N. Maruyama, J. Kuze & S. Takahashi

pp. 171-178.

Speaker's Sensitivity to Rule Violations in Sentences
H. Nagata

pp. 179-184.
Birth Order, Gender Differences, and Language Development in Modern Japanese Pre-School Children
M. Yamamoto

pp. 185-190.

The Meaning of Depression: The Chinese Word Associations
D.W. Chan

pp. 191-196.

Hemispheric Asymmetry of the Physiognomic Facial Processing: Its Relation to the Manner of Arm Folding
M. Miura

pp. 197-202.


Psychologia, Vol. 33, No. 4 (1990)

Relationships of Proenvironmental Attitudes to Wildernism-Urbanism and Pro-Preservation Attitudes Toward Historical Heritages
O. Iwata

pp. 203-211.

Actor and Observer Attributions by Japanese Subjects for Success and Failure in Non-Competitive Situations
H. Yamauchi

pp. 212-219.

The Effects of Four Kinds of Extrinsic Rewards on Intrinsic Motivation
S. Sakurai

pp. 220-229.

The Leadership Function in Training Groups: A Psychoanalytical Approach to Group Dynamics
M. Hafsi

pp. 230-241.

The Effects of the Required Processing of Stimuli on Selective Letter Identification
I. Watanabe

pp. 242-248.
Characteristics of Galvanic Skin Response in Depressive Patients and Normal Subjects
P.K. Biswas

pp. 249-258.

Gender Differences in Young Adults' Aggression Found by the Rosenzweig Picture Frustration Study and by the Yatabe-Guilford Personality Inventory
M. Hatsuzuka & Y. Ogushi

pp. 259-263.

Basicdeal Disparity, Structure and Size of Family, and Sex
P. Bhatnagar & M.R. Rastogi

pp. 264-267.