Psychologia, Vol. 36, No.1 (1993)

Gender and Concerns: Similarities and Differences Between Canadian and Hong Kong Chinese Adolescents
D.C. Kwok & C. Violato

pp. 1-10.

Conceptual Representation and Lexical Representation in Semantic Memory and Priming Effects
T. Inoue

pp. 11-20.

Effects of Perceptual Processing of Information in Explicit and Implicit Retention Tests
H. Tajika, S. Kamiya & K. Takahashi

pp. 21-26.

The Disappearance of Phonological Similarity Effect by Complex Rhythmic Tapping
S. Saito

pp. 27-33.

Hospitalization and Other Prescreening Practices: A Function of Therapist's Orientation
J. Bullock & G.D. Shean

pp. 34-38.

Methodological Considerations in the Study of Alcohol and Memory
W.H. Loke & M.L. Lai

pp. 39-46.

Differences in the Vigilance Performance of Children as Related to Gender and Achievement in Abacus Learning
T. Hatta

pp. 47-52.

The Non-Verbal Reasoning Ability of Japanese Children Measured by Naglieri's (1985) Matrix Analogies Test--Short Form
K. Tamaoka, D.H. Saklofske & M. Ide

pp. 53-60.


Psychologia, Vol. 36, No. 2 (1993)

Worries, Stereotypes, and Values of Young Adults: Germany and India Compared
K. Boehnke, W. Frindte, N.Y. Reddy & S. Singhal

pp. 61-72.

The Role of Possible Selves in Memory
K. Kato & H.R. Markus

pp. 73-83.

A Comparative Study of the Functional Attributes of Computer, Brain and the Brain-Computer Model with Reference to Artificial Intelligence
N. R. Mitra & A.K. Mishra

pp. 84-91.

Are Males Aware of Their Partner's Premenstrual Experiences?
E. Spalding & T.P.S. Oei

pp. 92-96.

An Investigation into the Relationship of Children's Cognitive Development and of their Concepts of Illness
G. Dimigen, K. Ferguson

pp. 97-102.

Effects of Separation and Division of Test Figure on Simultaneous Hue Contrast in Koffka-Ring Type Patterns
M. Ito, S. Takahashi, T. Hanari, S. Tanaka, S. Makamura, H. Nonami, H. Homma, Y. Fuku'uchi & T. Goto

pp. 103-108.

Effects of Intact and Embedded Headings and Specific Instructions on Prose Comprehension
P. Prakash & A.K. Mohanty

pp. 109-113.

The Role of Fear of Success and Neuroticism in Successful Problem Solving
R. Ohri & D. Malhotra

pp. 114-118.
Cultural Effect on Personality
S.K. Ojha

pp. 119-122.


Psychologia, Vol. 36, No. 3 (1993)

Two Optimal Activation Levels in the Classical-Chinese Theory and Duffy's Hypothesis
A. Satow, N. Honda & M. Nakamura

pp. 123-132.

Effects of Density: The Role of Moderators for the Consequences of Crowding
U. Jain

pp. 133-139.

Dichotic Listening of Chinese and English words
K.-F. Ip & R. Hoosain

pp. 140-143.

Are Japanese Kanji Processed Like Pictures?
M. Flaherty

pp. 144-150.

Successive Processing Abilities and Question Aids as Determinants of Geometry Learning in Mentally Handicapped Students
M. Mitsuda

pp. 151-158.

Perceptions of Parental Treatment Styles and Psychological Well-Being of Chinese College Students
D.T.L. Shek

pp. 159-166.

What do Hong Kong Teachers Expect of High- and Low-Performing Pupils?
S. Winter

pp. 167-178.

Type of Material and Mental Size Comparison among Children
U. Sharma, A.K. Srivastava

pp. 179-184.

A Cross-Cultural Study of Socially Appropriate Behavior Between Korean and Japanese Undergraduates
H.H. Koh & O. Iwata

pp. 185-191.


Psychologia, Vol. 36, No. 4 (1993)

Psychosocial Aspects of Modernization and Economic Development in East Asian Nations
A.J. Marsella & S.C. Choi

pp. 201-213.

An Experimental Study on the Formation of Designing and Making Activity in Middle Grade School Children
H. Joh & K. Amano

pp. 214-224.

Effects of Category Domains and Information Types on Category-Based Inferences in Children and Adults
T. Sugimura

pp. 225-234.

Characteristics of Japanese family: Evidence From the Results of the Doll Location Test by University Students
T. Hatta & N. Tsukiji

pp. 235-240.

What do Prospective Psychology Students Know About the Subject?
A. Furnham & R. Rawles

pp. 241-249.

Work Values of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Business Workers
H. Yamauchi

pp. 250-258.

The Sense of Coherence as a Resource in Cealing With Stress
G.D. Bishop

pp. 259-265.

Identity and Family Functioning Link: An Investigation of Nndian Youth
R. Bhushan & K.A. Shirali

pp. 266-271.

Hostility as a Function of SES, Family Type and Parent-Child Relation
M. Pramanick

pp. 272-277.