Psycchologia, Vol. 18, No.1 (1975)

Analysis of structural change of intelligence and genetic relations: A nine year follow-up study
K. Nishikawa

pp. 1-14.

Sex differences in intercaste attitudes in Delhi
S.S. Anant

pp. 15-21.

The effects of success vs. failure and leader's LPC on member reactions
S. Shirakashi & M. Yoshida

pp. 22-29.

The role of parental discipline in hostility, guilt and conflict over hostility
T. Tang

pp. 30-34.

A tentative model for visual motion detection
C. Bonnet

pp. 35-50.

Perception during pursuit eye movements
A. Mack

pp. 51-62.


Psychologia, Vol. 18, No. 2 (1975)

Comparison of rural and urban high school students in Japan using EPPS
P.W. Dixon, R.E. Roper & E.H. Ahern

pp. 63-71.

Attitudes in behavior theory
S. Kanekar

pp. 72-82.

Cross-cultural analyses of body-behavior relations: II. Factor structure of body build stereotypes of Japanese and American adolescents
R.M. Lerner & S. Iwawaki

pp. 83-91.

A study of cross-cultural factorial structure of intelligence
M. Miron
pp. 92-94.

Identification and measurement of academic over- and underachievement
A.S. Dhaliwal & J.P. Sharma

pp. 95-103.

Comparison process as a factor of size-distance relationship
T. Makino

pp. 104-109.
Psycho-cybernetic consideration of perceptual system containing double motor systems
T. kuroda & Y. Toshima

pp. 110-122.


Psychologia, Vol. 18, No. 3 (1975)

Relaxation, meditation, and insight
P.F. Grim

pp. 125-133.

Caste-differences and adjustment problems
S.N. Singh

pp. 134-141.

Reinforcement, affect, and interpersonal attraction
R. Singh


Effects of recall and rehearsal on clustering in free recall
H. Kikuno

pp. 149-153.

The effects of word order and prompting on sentence memory
Y. Yano

pp. 154-161.
The intermediate resting position of accommodation and some implications for space perception
H.W. Leibowitz, R.T.Hennessy & D.A. Owene

pp. 162-170.

Postoperative formation of visual perception in the early blind
H. Umezu, S. Torii & Y. Uemura



Psychologia, Vol. 18, No. 4 (1975)

Action research on the development of leadership Decision making processes and organizational perfbrmance in a Japaneses sihpyard
J. Miaumi
pp. 187-193.

The measurement of brain damage in childhood
F.L. Leung

pp. 194-204.

Nonverbal communication : Body accessibility among Japanese
R.H. EIzinga

pp. 205-211.

Promise and problems in biofeedback research
S.P. Farr, R.P. Smith & R.G. Meyer

pp. 212-220.

Effects of instruction on conditional discrimination shifts
T. Sugimura & Y. Hirose

pp. 221-223.
A comparative study of the attitude heldbyIndian and Japanese college students towards nuclear testing and PrOliftratlOn
M. Pande & P.Gupta

pp. 224-229.

Self acceptance and adjustment
V.N. Murthy & J.M. Botkawar

pp. 230-232.
A correlational analysis of Eysenck's personality dimensions with intellegence and mechanical reasonlng
V. Mohan & Dalip Kumar

pp. 233-237
Connotative meanlng of certain critical concepts for authoritarians
Q. Hasan & M.W. Khan

pp. 238-242