Psychologia, Vol. 37, No.1 (1994)

Young Children's Understanding of Mental Representation: Pretend and Dream
T. Kinoshita

pp. 1-6.

Psychometric Properties of the Chinese Version of The Dyadic Adjustment Scale
D.T.L. Shek

pp. 7-17.

A Longitudinal Study of Japanese and American Mother-Infant Interactions
K. Kawakami, K. Takai-Kawakami & Y. Kanaya

pp. 18-29.

The Effect of Sex and Familial Sinistrality on Handedness
G. Kurian & K. Santhakumari

pp. 30-33.

Cross-gender Identity, Familial Nonright-handedness and Hand Preference
K. Santhakumari, G. Kurian & V.K. Rao

pp. 34-38.

Improving Simple Addition Efficiency in Chinese Children with Mental Retardation
J.-P. Leung

pp. 39-48.

Perception of Indian Women: A Comparison of Career and Non-Career Women
S. Bharat

pp. 49-56.

Book Review
pp. 57.


Psychologia, Vol. 37, No. 2 (1994)

World-Mindedness and the Nuclear Threat: A Four-Nation test of the Superordinate Goal Hypothesis
A. Der-Karabetian, L. Mangarai, E. Uvias & A. Watanabe

pp. 59-65.

How Do Prisoners and Probationers Explain Their Predicament? An Attributional Analysis
E. Nair

pp. 66-71.

Effects of Subliminal Perception of Words in Explicit and Implicit Memory
S. Kamiya, H. Tajika & K. Takahashi

pp. 72-80.

The Relationships of Intolerance for Waiting-Stress with Health and Personality
O. Iwata

pp. 81-88

A Hong Kong Validity Study of the Job Description Index
Wu K.F., Joseph & D.Watkins

pp. 89-94.

Learned Helplessness among Canadian and Indian Students
S. Singhal & R.N. Kanungo

pp. 95-103.

Effect of Psychological Androgyny and Stress on Problem Solving among Tribals
D. Malhotra & R. Chhabra

pp. 104-110.

Child Rearing Practices and Cognitive Ability: A Study of Adolescents
S. Jain & P. Mishra

pp. 111-115.


Psychologia, Vol. 37, No. 3 (1994)

Cross-Cultural Psychology in China: Present Situation and Future
J. Hong & X. Wang

pp. 117-128.

Lexical Representation of Kana in Japanese and Foreign Students
A. Komendzinska

pp. 129-138.

Mutual Exclusivity Assumption and Hierarchical Organization of Objects in Children and Adults
T. Sugimura & M. Uchiyama

pp. 139-149.

Understanding Humour from Another Culture: Comprehension of Parental Brain Twisters by Japanese University Students Learning English as a second language
K. Tamaoka & T. Takahashi

pp. 150-157.

Effects of Imagery Representations and Question Aids in Comprehension of Geometry Text
M. Mitsuda

pp. 158-168.

Word-Picture Interference Effects in Chinese, Japanese Kanji and Kana, and English
M. Flaherty

pp. 169-179.

Visual Field Differences in Kanji Recognition: Are Single and Compound Kanji Processed Differentially?
A. Kawakami & T. Hatta

pp. 180-187.

Handedness and Incidence of Disease in a New Japanese Cohort
T. Hatta & A. Kawakami

pp. 188-193.


Psychologia, Vol. 37, No. 4 (1994)

Gender Differences in Work Motivations and Attitudes in Japan and Northern Ireland
H. Yamauchi, R. Lynn & I. Rendell

pp. 195-198.

Biographical and Personality Predictors of Organizational Climate
A. Furnham & B. Gunter

pp. 199-210.

Meaning in Life and Adolescent Antisocial and Prosocial Behavior in a Chinese Context
D.T.L. Shek, H. K. Ma & P.C. Cheung

pp. 211-218.

The Relationship Between Irrational Beliefs and Depressed Mood in Clinically Depressed Outpatients
T.P.S. Oei, A.C. Etchells & M.L. Free

pp. 219-226.

Blood Pressure and Frontalis Muscle Tension in Rural and Urban Residents of Southern Japan: Implications for the Behavioural Treatment of Essential Hypertension
A.A. Keltner & T.H. Nagatomo

pp. 227-233.

The Effects of White Noise and Gender on Mental Task
A. Panchon & F.F. Terol

pp. 234-240.

Sleep Depth and Classical Conditioning During Sleep: A Preliminary Study
K. Ikeda & T. Morotomi

pp. 241-247.

Effects of Intercentral and Intercontour Distances on Visual Stream Segregation
I. Watanabe

pp. 248-253.