Psychologia, Vol. 24, No.1 (1981)

A Comparative Study of Rules of Justice: Japanese Versus American
I. Mahler, L. Greenberg & H. Hayashi

pp. 1-8.

Efficiency of Several Kinds of Feedback in Self-Control of Skin Temperature
H. Hama, Y. Kawamura, H. Mine & Y. Matsuyama

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The Effect of Amount of Help, Resource Control, Donor's Sex and Recipient's Sex on Acceptance of Aid
L. Krishnan & D.W. Carment

pp. 14-20.

Effects of Shadowing and Selective Attention in Dichotic Listening
T. Inoue

pp. 21-31.

A Possibility of Sound Symbolism: Japanese 6th Graders' Responses to English Symbolic Words
S. Tanaka

pp. 32-40.

Effects of Machiavellianism and Degree of Organizational Formalization on Ingratiation
J. Pandey


Approval Motive and Religiosity
N.K.M. Tripathi & A.N. Srivastava

pp. 47-50.

Vigilance and Arousal Differences in Males and Females
C.B. Dwivedi, I.L. Singh & R.S. Singh



Psychologia, Vol. 24, No. 2 (1981)

Children's Copies of Similar Three-Dimensional Objects
K. Fujimoto

pp. 55-64.

Data-Driven and Conceptually-Driven Processing in the Reading of Kanji and Kana Script
Y. Nomura

pp. 65-74.

Multidimensional Assessment of Human Memory Functioning
P.L. Wang & L.A. Goldberg

pp. 75-85.

The Development of Directional Preferences: Cross-Cultural Differences
I. Nachshon & M. Alek

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Recall of Prose Pieces as a Function of Syntactic Constraint, Theme Imposition and Instructional Set
A.N. Tripathi & L.B. Tripathi

pp. 97-104.

Key Concepts of Social Psychology in India
S. Sharma

pp. 105-114.

What is Wrong with Using Entropy in Stratifying Semantic Subspaces: An Answer to Murakami's Critiques of an Osgoodian Approach
O. Tzeng & C. Tzeng
pp. 115-128.

A Rejoinder to Tzeng's Critiques
Y. Murakami
pp. 129-131.


Psychologia, Vol. 24, No. 3 (1981)

Sensory and Perceptual Studies in the People's Republic of China
C.C. Ching & L. Jiao

pp. 133-145.

An Investigation of Voluntary Responses in Human Classical Eyelid Conditioning
K. Yamazaki & Y. Miyata

pp. 146-156.

Conservatism, Community Size, Child-Bearing Intention and Driver's License as Determinants of Environmental Concern
O. Iwata


Free Recall of Bitransitive sentences
H. Nagata

pp. 164-170.

Productivity in Relation to Morale, Participation and Alienation
D.M. Pestonjee, A.P. Singh & A.P. Singh

pp. 171-175.

Management Objectives, Conditions in Workunit, and Leadership Behavior.
H. Furukawa

pp. 176-184.

Social desirability and sociometric choice status
R. Kundu & C. Biswas


Developmental Trends in the Short term Recall Accuracy of Sentential Material After Various Recall-Intervals
V.K. Kool & R. Agrawal

pp. 190-192.


Psychologia, Vol. 24, No. 4 (1981)

Children's Oddity Learning as a Function of Instruction and Task
T. Sugimura

pp. 193-201.

Cerebral Laterality Effects on Levels of Kana Word Processing
T. Hatta, H. Ohnishi, M. Yamamoto & H. Ogura

pp. 202-206.

Effects of Verbalization on Sensory-Motor Conceptual Learning in Normal and Mentally Retarded Children
M. Matsuda & F. Matsuda

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Field Dependency, Recognition Capacity and Extraversion
R.G. Chatterjer & B. Paul

pp. 217-222 .

Socio-Economic Status of Subjects and Locus of Control
S.K. Tiwari & N.K.M. Tripathi

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The Effect of Titles on the Memory for Music
I. Hiraoka & T. Umemoto

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Cultural Invariance in Risky Shift and its Determinants
J. Verma & J.B.P. Sinha

pp. 235-238.

Women Social Freedom Scale
L.I. Bhushan

pp. 239-243.