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Dysfunctional Attitude and Occupational Stress Process: A Test of the Organisational Stress Model
Y. W. Goh & T. P. S. Oei

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Sociotropy/Autonomy and Differential Effects of Coping Styles on Psychological Well-Being
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The Relationship between Number of Children, Marital Quality and Women's Psychological Distress
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The Evaluation of a Computerized Tutoring Program for Arithmetic Word Problem Solving
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The Relationship between Stress and Intraocular Pressure of the Eye
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Pragmatic Determinants of Children's Responses to the Wason Selection Task
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Assessment of Global Parenting Style and Specific Parenting Behavior in a Chinese Context
D. T. L. Shek

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Acoustic and Visual Confusions in Immediate Memory in Japanese and English Speakers
M. Flaherty & A. Moran

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Developing a Chinese Vocabulary Test as a WAIS-R Subtest for Adults in Hong Kong
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The Patterns of the Odd-even Effect of Product Verification in Hong Kong Chinese
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Postpartum Depression and Social Support: A Comparative study in Hong Kong
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Psychologia, Vol. 42, No. 3 (1999)
Entrained Motion is Affected by the Number of Entraining Stimuli and Equality in the Moving Distance of Stimuli
I. Watanabe

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College Student Suicide Ideation in Canada and Japan
M.J. Heisel & T. Fuse

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Working Memory and Language Difference in Sound Duration: A Comparison of Mental Arithmetic in Chinese, Japanese and English
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Indelible Evidence of False Belief: Confronting Young Children with Video Recordings of Themselves
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Spontaneous Mnemonic Use in Simulated Foreign Word Learning
E. Manalo

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The Effect of Meaning on Visual Image Segmentation
S. Ngohayon, J. Kawahara & T. Toshima

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Guest Editors: Takeshi Hatta & Hirofumi Saito

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The Role of Long-term Working Memory in Text Comprehension
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Visual Perception of the Chinese Character: Configural or Separable Processing?
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Using Radicals in Teaching Chinese Characters to Second Language Learners
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